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The following testimonials are the generous gifts from those who “made it” to those who are looking for answers. The Beljanski Foundation is delighted to provide a platform to all those who care about sharing their journey back to health. Please click here and use this form to share your own story. Writing your own testimonial not only helps others who are just at the beginning of their journey, it is also a therapeutic step towards healing and closure. For your convenience we have organized those testimonials by organ concerned, as well as by extract.

Please note many of these testimonials have been translated from the CIRIS organization, our partner in France for over 40 years, and edited for clarity. Many people have provided images of themselves, but for those who have not, we have used stock photos for your enjoyment.

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Prostate Cancer

Marcel foundation cancer testimonial headshot

7 years of hindsight. June to October: construction of a small vacation house to visit North America (the trip of my dreams). Life is Beautiful. The following March: Everything is ready for departure: boarding of the vehicle on April 8 in Antwerp. At the beginning of the month, last medical check…

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13 years of hindsight. In April 2006, during my annual blood test, my PSA level was 10.1. My attending physician then put me in touch with a urologist in France, at the beginning of May. He performed a prostate biopsy and x-ray. Results: At 70 years old I am diagnosed with prostate cancer…

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I waited 18 months to tell you my story... As every year, as part of a medical follow-up since I was 50 years old, I have a blood test, PSA levels checked and a prostate exam. On July 22, 2004, the results of the blood test gives us an increase in PSA from 4 to 5.57. My GP prescribed an ultrasound…

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charles m cancer testimonial headshot

Long-time friend with a person who worked alongside Professor Mirko Beljanski, my wife and I support The Beljanski Foundation, which works for the rehabilitation of this great scientist. Following a visit to my physician, we learned my PSA levels were "6.10" (I was 71 years old at the time).…

Charles M

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Evidence of radical prostatectomy cancer testimonial headshot

07.03.96 - Radical prostatectomy (cancer) 03.20.02 - PSA (AXSYM) 1.3 ng / ml. 04.26.02 - Ultrasound-guided biopsy puncture Left latero-anastomotic nodular formation, targeted biopsies Radiologist. Analyzes: CANCER 06.06.02 - PSA (AXSYM) 1.6 ng / ml. Consultation Anti-cancer Center Paul Strauss: 35…

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Testimonial endoscopic resection of the prostate cancer testimonial headshot

I am a retired radiologist. I am seventy-seven. In 1999, I underwent transurethral resection of the prostate. This was clinically suspicious and my PSA levels rose to 18. I have been treated since 1982 for chest pain and have suffered from arrhythmia for more than two years. Additionally I am…

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Testimonial of bladder, prostate and left kidney cancer testimonial headshot

Due to urinary problems, I underwent a procedure during which they checked my bladder for cancerous cysts and polyps. The surgeon at the Clinique Pasteur in Royan gave me a CT scan which revealed a prostate tumor. I underwent a prostatectomy in December and had my sphincter removed (followed by…

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Bladder and prostate cancer testimonial headshot

To tell the truth, I would like to give one more testimonial in favor of the work of The Beljanski Foundation. At the age of 64, I had my prostate removed. After this operation, the examinations revealed no signs of a malignant tumor. Unfortunately, 5 years later, as part of my medical exam carried…

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Rising PSA levels headshot

As someone generally concerned about my health, I visit my doctor regularly. After a check up in 1991, my doctor was concerned with the results from my blood tests. They required additional examinations and, in particular, an ultrasound of my prostate, which showed my PSA levels were up. After…

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prostate cancer headshot

After discovering I had prostate cancer, I started taking the natural extracts researched by Dr. Beljanski and The Beljanski Foundation, in synergy with radiotherapy (32 sessions) and hormone therapy. I learned about the extracts through Mr. Weidlich, President of the CIRIS Association. I used pao…

Jean D

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Grade 3 Prostate Cancer Testimonial

All my life, I have been active, healthy and I worked without any major health problems until 65 years old. I was enjoying my retirement, until one day serious urination problems caught my attention. After consulting my physician, who noted that I had an enlarged prostate, I had a biopsy June 15,…

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Mrs. H Prostate cancer testimonial headshot

Hello Mrs. Beljanski, During this holiday season, what could be better than to learning good news? My husband visited his urologist yesterday (12/23) and to see the astonished and happy look of his doctor when he no longer could feel anything out of the ordinary in my husband's prostate...so much…

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Peter's Testimonial headshot

Prostate fatigue? My partner complained four years ago of unpleasant and disabling sensations: he got up frequently at night to go to the bathroom, and during the day he had frequent and irresistible urges to urinate, without being able to hold back. We talked about it together and knowing well the…

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headshot PSA levels went from 17.75 to 0.2 in three months testimonial

I had 40 radiotherapy sessions. The oncologist said, "I'm 95% out of here." So 5% of the cancer remained in my body and it seemed aggressive. I decided to see another doctor and I went to Bordeaux. In Bordeaux I was told that indeed there were more tests to be done. So I changed my oncologist to…

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headshot Rod W testimonial

“I’m a poster child for Beljanski’s botanicals. I feared the worst when my doctor told me that I had a PSA count of 19. My doctor told me it was almost certainly prostate cancer, and it had probably metastasized. I found out about these botanicals through the book Winning The War On Cancer: The…

Rod W.

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His story against Prostate Cancer by Dr. Morton Walker For eleven years, Henri B., Ph.D., a resident of southern France and currently retired as Professor of Physics at the University of Paris, had been Director of Research at the CNRS, and for eleven years the Administrator of a prominent Cancer…

Henri B.

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I’m 75 and I underwent a urinary echography exam followed by a biopsy. The awful result was announced: adenocarcinoma of the prostate. I decided to take Beljanski's extracts (Pao Pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria). Although my urologist informed me that the best solution in my case was to surgically…

Roland L.

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At 70 years old, my doctor stated that I had a “large, but flexible” prostate. It turned out that I was suffering from a mild adenoma of the prostate. My PSA levels, already 19 (the normal rate being under 5), continued to increase rapidly until hitting 39. Very distressed over the diagnosis and in…

Jean M.

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joel t headshot

After 18 months, I am finally telling my story. Since I turned 50 years old, I had blood taken, PSA levels measured, and an echo graph of the prostate during my yearly medical exam. On July 22, 2004, the results of the blood test showed a rise in my PSA level from 4 to 5.57. My doctor prescribed an…

Joel T

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prostate cancer testimonial

I had my prostate removed in 1986 at age 64. Unfortunately in 1991 during a medical follow-up by the Department of Urology at Bordeaux University Hospital Center, tumors were discovered in my bladder and right prostate. Given this diagnosis, my doctors in both Bordeaux and Paris suggested a…

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