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Mirko Beljanski: Early Life

Mirko Beljanski was born in 1923 in a small village in former Yugoslavia called Turija.

At age 25, he immigrated to France where he remained the rest of his life. After receiving his PhD in Molecular Biology from the Sorbonne in Paris, he was accepted in 1951 as a biologist and researcher with the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS – French equivalent to the NIH) to work at the prestigious Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Dr. Beljanski was one of the first molecular biologists to study RNA, which plays a dynamic role in cell regulation. In 1960, he was awarded the Charles Léopold Mayer prize after having spent two years at NYU Medical School (1956-1958) working with Nobel Prize winner Professor Severo Ochoa.

For almost 50 years, he studied DNA and RNA biology and made numerous discoveries. For example, he found that reverse transcriptases exist not only in viruses, but also in other types of organisms, including bacteria, fungus, and fish.

Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

Within the scientific community at the time, the difference between normal and cancerous DNA was considered to be caused by mutations, meaning alterations of the DNA’s primary structure. This explanation is still held to be true though the focus today is on oncogenes as their harmful activity is considered to derive from mutations that have occurred in normal proto-oncogenes. In contrast, Mirko Beljanski demonstrated that the fundamental difference between normal and cancer DNA really lies in its secondary structure: the cancer DNA double helix is permanently opened over large areas, whereas in normal DNA, relaxation only occurs locally and temporarily for replication or gene expression.

Unregulated strand separation, and the ensuing replication and gene expression due to newly exposed initiation sites, account for the characteristic properties of the cancer cell, namely its enhanced multiplication and spurious protein synthesis.

Unfortunately, Dr. Beljanski was forced to leave the Pasteur Institute as his innovative ideas drastically conflicted with the Institute’s new director, Jacques Monod. Passionate about these findings, Mirko Beljanski continued his work at the Chatenay-Malabry School of Pharmacy where he benefited from his knowledge of cellular regulation to design supplements capable of helping people without harmful side effects.

In 1988, by then officially retired, Mirko Beljanski created his own Centre de Recherche Biologique (CERBIOL) in Saint Prim, close to Lyon, where he perfected his extracts and continued to publish. He published a total of 133 scientific papers, wrote 2 books, and filed 11 patents over his lifetime.

Broken DNA
François Mitterrand
François Mitterrand

French President François Mitterrand Uses Beljanski’s Ingredients

In 1994, François Mitterrand, then President of France, turned to the Beljanski products during his battle with an advanced prostate cancer. Against all predictions, his health improved and he was able to complete his second term as President. Dr. Claude Gubler revealed this secret in his book “Le Grand Secret”.

Tragically, Mirko Beljanski died in 1998 after several years of persecution in France for his innovative ideas. The conventional oncology community ostracized him, despite the fact that his theories on cancer were aimed at complementing chemotherapy and radiation, not replacing them. People marched in the streets of Paris and Lyon, demanding, in vain, that the French Ministry of Heath review his products and accept his clinical trials.

Recent Recognition of His Work

Only a few years after Mirko Beljanski passed away, his persecution was recognized by the European Court of Human Rights, which handed down a unanimous decision condemning France for its violation of his most basic human rights (Feb 7, 2002).

For almost 50 years, Mirko Beljanski fully devoted himself to scientific research with his wife and research associate, Monique, at his side. When he made his discoveries on cancer, dozens of doctors in France and Belgium worked with him to analyze how these extracts could complement the classic protocols.

Following the death of Mirko Beljanski in 1998, Monique Beljanski chose to come to New York, joining the Maison Beljanski team which now markets the Beljanski Products throughout the world. Monique also served as the President of the Beljanski Foundation from its creation in 1999 until 2023. Monique Beljanski passed away in New York on November 5, 2023, at the age of 92.

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