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Melanoma is the most serious skin cancer. If it is not diagnosed and treated early, it is lethal because current treatments don’t work (Figure 1). Predictions from the National Cancer Research Institute (London, UK) show steep increases in the incidence of melanoma among women and even more so among men (Figure 2) There is an urgent need for more effective therapies.

Although the anti-cancer effects of Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria (killing cancer cells) have already been largely established, a new combination of tea and Ginkgo extracts promises synergistic anti-melanoma efficacy.

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Recent breakthroughs in Melanoma Research

Yes, this is not a typo! The Beljanski Foundation is pleased to share TWO significant breakthroughs in the fight with melanoma, thanks to promising new approaches coming from research at Kansas University Medical Center, which was sponsored by The Beljanski Foundation: First, extracts of a combination of four green teas inhibit the growth of several cancer cell lines, including melanoma cancer cells. And second: Beljanski’s Golden Leaf Ginkgo extract has the potential to inhibit melanoma progression by limiting blood supply that feeds the tumor. What is more: this exciting anti-cancer mechanism is expected to work for melanoma and many other cancers including lymphoma, breast and pancreatic.



Beljanski tested his Pao extract on sixteen different cancer cell lines including malignant melanoma cells. The extract selectively destroyed the cancer cells, but did not inhibit normal cell multiplication. Selective action against cancer cells makes the extract nontoxic and safe to use.




Four green teas were selected by Mirko Beljanski himself, as they showed strong anti-cancer potential in the Oncotest. Extract of this special blend was studied at Kansas University Medical Center. Compared to other green teas commercially available, the OnkoTea blend showed to have broad spectrum anti-cancer cell activity. The results were impressive for melanoma: the tea extract was effective against all four melanoma cell lines tested.
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Beljanski’s discovery of the radioprotective activity of Golden Leaf Ginkgo extract led him to study its ability to neutralize the activity of various RNAase enzymes associated with skin fibrosis. New research conducted at Kansas University shows that the Golden Leaf Ginkgo extract has also the ability to neutralize the activity of various RNAase enzymes associated with melanoma. These results open a new frontier for the use of Golden Leaf Ginkgo for its potential to starve melanoma by suppressing blood supply to the tumor.


Golden Leaf Gingko extract

UV radiation activates a family of enzymes known as ribonucleases–RNAases– that are associated with fibrosis. An extract from the golden leaf of the Ginkgo tree reduces the activity of these RNAases and helps prevent radiation induced fibrosis. Beljanski found that these hyperactive RNAases are also secreted by melanomas as well as several other cancers.

The golden leaf Ginkgo extract suppresses the activity of RNAases released by melanoma and other cancer cells. Melanoma secretes a growth factor that promotes its own advance. This growth factor, called angiogenin, is the signal that melanoma cells send out to draw new blood vessels that bring nutrients and oxygen enabling melanoma progression. A new study in Dr. Qi Chen’s laboratory is expected to show that the Golden Leaf Ginkgo extract specifically reduces the angiogenin activity released from melanoma cells. The Ginkgo extract has the potential to be a significant new anti-cancer therapeutic that works by suppressing the blood supply to the melanoma.

Will the Ginkgo extract inhibit those enzymes?

Angiogenin is an extremely interesting enzyme because melanoma can secrete this RNase to create a new blood supply for nutrients and oxygen, which allows tumor growth. Inhibition of a specific RNAase enzyme called angiogenin is a longstanding goal in biomedical research, as it would limit tumor advance by starving cancer cells.

Additional studies are needed to confirm this remarkable activity of the Ginkgo extract, and it’s potential to control melanoma and other cancers that use angiogenin to obtain blood. The next step is to examine the affect Ginkgo suppression of angiogenin on the formation of endothelial tubules—an early step in the formation of new blood vessels. These experiments will be conducted in vitro.

Upcoming in vivo studies will also test the benefits of combining the new-found anti-melanoma activity of Ginkgo with Pao pereira, Rauwolfia vomitoria and the green tea extracts.

How can you help fund this research?

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The Beljanski Approach to Cancer

Since 1999, The Beljanski Foundation has worked toward a natural cure for cancer. The research has focused on the Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria plant extracts which have broad spectrum anti-cancer activity and are non-toxic. The Foundation has recently initiated new experiments to study the effect of Golden Leaf Ginkgo extract on a family of overactive enzymes (RNases) that are found in the melanoma environment and in the blood serum of patients with a variety of cancers. Some of these enzymes can help promote cancer cell growth and preliminary data show that the Ginkgo extract specifically inhibits one enzyme (angiogenin) that triggers formation of new blood vessels that feed tumors. Like Pao and Rauwolfia, the Ginkgo extract is non-toxic, but it’s anti-cancer effect works by an independent mechanism. Combination of all three extracts will be a promising strategy for melanoma as well as other cancers that use angiogenin to promote their growth.

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"Beljanski’s Ginkgo biloba is unlike any other conventional plant extract, and so is its application. The unique Ginkgo biloba extract is recommended very strongly to anyone undergoing anti-cancer treatment because disease coupled with conventional treatments work to disrupt normal protein
functioning, which poses a danger for the patient...Without exhibiting any detrimental side effects, the particular extract of Ginkgo biloba invented by Beljanski has proven itself to be beneficial to nearly all patients."

Dr. Morton Walker

Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure: The Truth about Cancer, Its Causes, Cures, and Prevention. The scientific
discoveries of Mirko Beljanski, PhD

What it says about Ginkgo

“Taken during and after exposure to radiation this specific golden leaf extract of Ginkgo biloba protects, prevents and even reverses (which to some means “heals”) the fibrosis caused by excessive radiation, and brings patients’ plasma RNase activity back to normal. In my father’s laboratory the extract turned out to do just as well as WR-2721, without the side effects. Beljanski published his results, but by then the Berlin Wall had fallen and military officials had lost interest in the subject. Nevertheless, several French doctors were quick to see the benefit of a product that supported the healing process after surgery and helped protect against radiation-induced skin fibrosis. They started to ask for it. My maternal grandfather, Pr. Reneì Lucas, was a distinguished scholar, a member of the prestigious Academie des Sciences, and recently retired from his position of Director of the Paris School of Physics and Chemistry as well as Professor of Physics at the Sorbonne. He took it upon himself to scour the city’s municipal parks with a backpack and collect as many leaves as he could in season. My grandmother tagged along, and together they were a very effective pair—until they were caught for stealing leaves!”
P.91 Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure

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