Testimonial: Eliane E. and Melanoma

Testimonial: Eliane E. and Melanoma

Her story and her Melanoma by Dr. Morton Walker

In April, the tiny pimple-like bump on my thigh turned into a nightmare of distress for me. The mole-like tumor was eventually diagnosed as melanoma, a somewhat rare cancer. It required immediate removal. I was hospitalized for diagnostic testing and to ascertain my required cancer markers in order to detect whether any further tumors had developed. Even then, at sixty-two years of age, I was devastated by the thought of early death. I cried everyday as I waited for my results from the surgeon’s skin biopsy. Thus began the story of Eliane E.

The results finally came back. Yes, it was melanoma; I was nevertheless determined to put up a fight.

Melanoma is a cancer that originates in melanocytes, the pigment-producing cells of the skin. Melanocytes ordinarily give skin its distinctive color, but sunlight stimulates them to produce more melanin, the pigment that darkens the skin and increases the risk of a melanoma cancer. The lesion can begin as a new, small, pigmented skin growth on normal skin, most often on sun-exposed areas, or it may develop from preexisting pigmented moles. Sometimes melanoma runs in families. It spreads, or metastasizes, to distant parts of the body where the tumor continues to grow and destroy tissue. It’s not uncommon for the melanoma lesion to appear as a firm black or gray lump as described by Mrs. E.

Chemotherapy is used to treat melanomas that have spread, but few are cured. Some of the people treated live less than nine months; however, the course of the disease varies greatly and depends in part on the strength of the body’s immune defenses. Mrs. E. was one of the fortunate few whose immune ability was receptive to outside help, specifically to the group of correctives that had been developed by Mirko Beljanski, Ph.D. This melanoma victim went on to explain how Beljanski’s products came into her possession.

One evening, a woman in the hospital who was there as a patient asked if she could speak with me. I agreed, although I had no desire to talk about the disease that was ruining my life,” continued Mrs. E. “Yet, it seemed as if fate had sent this person just in time to lift my spirits. The woman told me of her own mother, who also was given a death sentence by her oncologists and yet lives in full health thanks to Dr. Mirko Beljanski’s herbal supplements. Beljanski was deceased by then. Having never heard of him or his plant products before, and knowing that this woman would be leaving the hospital the next day, I asked her to give me more specific information. She did so!

Shortly thereafter, I was operated on for melanoma excision. In order to completely eradicate the approximately one-inch long tumor, the surgeon gouged a deep hole on my thigh, the circumference size of a half-grapefruit, with the expectation of performing a skin graft later on. After I was released, I contacted the Beljanski Foundation, where I received contact information for a homeopathic doctor near my home area of France. After consulting the homeopath, I ordered the supplements over the internet, and just forty-eight hours later, I was able to begin my self-treatment.

The homeopath used my weight, 125 lbs., to figure out how many supplements to take. He prescribed nine vegetarian doses per day of the herb Ginkgo biloba to be swallowed over two months and then four doses of each of the other Beljanski products over ten-months time, she told me. Experiencing tremendous suffering from so much invasive surgery—the incision was deep and wide—I was evaluated every other day by a nurse visiting me at home with no other product for treatment except some soap and water. The visiting nurse kept my surgical wound clean and changed its dressing.

Dr. Beljanski’s supplements brought about a startling beneficial effect. My wound healed with such speed that my surgeon couldn’t believe his eyes when finally I visited his office. I tried to tell the doctor that I was taking a dietary supplement for scarring, but he seemed not to care and no one in his clinic believed me. It was the nurse who had been treating me every other day, and who witnessed the favorable progress of my incision, who helped me to understand just how extraordinary—incredible even—the scar’s rapid healing really was,” Mdm. E. continued. “In two months, the incision was completely closed up and I was lucky enough to learn from the doctor that a graft was no longer necessary because I had healed so quickly.

I would like to thank Dr. Beljanski, whom I never knew, and whom the conventional medical community does not wish to recognize. Today I take his supplements as a precaution every spring and fall. Seeing how successfully my wound healed, my husband decided to take Dr. Beljanski’s Ginkgo biloba after he underwent a bladder operation. His incision also healed up quickly. Since then, I have been a member of the CIRIS organization, and I strongly recommend Dr. Beljanski’s anticancer products to anyone who will listen.

Mrs. E.’s testimonial is an example of the type of result one can expect from the use of Beljanski’s herbal extracts. By taking the anticancer botanicals twice yearly, she firmly believes that she keeps the melanoma in remission. Furthermore, whatever the cause of the skin injury (incision, burn, fibrosis, radiation), the yellow leaf powder of Ginkgo biloba herbal medicine extract, prepared according to Dr. Beljanski’s proprietary method, is of the utmost importance for health professionals to know about and for patients to use.

Excerpts from Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure: The Truth about Cancer, Its Causes, Cures, and Prevention” by Morton Walker.