Synergetic Anticancer Activities

Beljanski’s Pao pereira extract (Geissospermum vellosii)

Mirko Beljanski, working at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, was the first to investigate the anticancer activity of Pao pereira (formerly known as PB-100) as an extract that would be effective against cancer cells, but not penetrate healthy cells. He published several research papers on the anticancer effect of this extract, all dedicated to its efficiency and selectivity of action.

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Beljanski’s Pao Pereira extract
Beljanski’s Rauwolfia vomitoria extract

Rauwolfia vomitoria

Dr. Beljanski perfected an extract standardized in alstonine, but devoid of reserpine. Beljanski noted that once reserpine was removed from the Rauwolfia vomitoria extract, the extract had a selective effect against cancer cells with very low toxicity and no effect on hypertension.

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Support Along With Traditional Treatments

Golden Leaf of Ginkgo biloba

Some highly beneficial aspects of this extract include the regulation of nucleases (pathology and chemotherapy change a cell’s nucleus quantitatively and qualitatively,); protection from side effects of gamma radiation (powerful protective element against various side effects including fibrosis), the protection of chromosomes; and a positive impact on the liver.

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Beljanski’s Golden leaf of Ginkgo Biloba extract
Beljanski’s RNA Fragments

Beljanski’s RNA Fragments

RNA fragments stimulate the formation of white blood cells and platelets. Mirko Beljanski discovered that they not only help maintain normal white blood cell and platelet levels, which may decrease to dangerously low levels in a number of situations including radiation therapy and chemotherapy, but they also preserve normal proportions among the various kinds of white blood cells, notably those that fight infections.

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Green Teas

At the end of a prolific partnership in China, Dr. Mirko Beljanski was presented with a large box filled with many of China’s finest teas known for their interesting health properties. Dr. Beljanski subjected each sample to a special test called the Oncotest to reveal their ability to naturally support the body’s immune system. He recorded the positive results and filed them. Years later, after Dr. Beljanski’s passing his list was discovered, a blend (OnkoTea®) was created and tested for it’s anti-cancer benefits.

At Kansas University Medical Center the anti-cancer activity of OnkoTea® was compared with the activity of several popular brands of tea. OnkoTea® proved to be more effective than all the other teas against liver and bladder cancer cells and showed impressive activity against four melanoma skin cancer cell lines. Effects of Different Tea Products on the Growth of Cancer Cells”, Qi Chen, November 21, 2019.

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Beljanski’s green teas

Where to find Mirko Beljanski’s Extracts

The Beljanski Foundation does not sell any of Mirko Beljanski’s extracts.
Maison Beljanski is the only company to own the patents developed by Mirko Beljanski, PhD, and respects the extraction methods and the quality defined by this renowned scientist.