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The Beljanski Foundation and La Fondation Beljanski are both eligible to receive donations. These donations strengthen its ability to promote and support scientific research projects and public conferences.

Donations: Donations received from individuals are essentially financial contributions for which the donor himself/herself can set the destination (capital endowment or allocation to a particular project).

Projects: Should a specific project, approved by the members of The Beljanski Foundation and La Fondation Beljanski fail to come to fruition, The Beljanski Foundation and La Fondation Beljanski reserves the right to reclaim its donation and assign the funds to another approved, designated project.

Donate To The Beljanski Foundation

Make an annual donation of $50 or more and become a "Friend of the Foundation"

What are your advantages as a Friend of the Foundation?

  • You assure scientific researchers the means to make even more progress against cancer
  • Twice a year you’ll receive an e-newsletter on the latest research projects
  • Receive information on all events, in-person and virtual, organized by the Foundation and our Partners In Health, with free tickets opportunities
  • Receive 5% off all purchases from Maison Beljanski for one year
  • Receive information on all promotions offered by Maison Beljanski

You will become a “Friend of the Foundation” once you have contributed 50 dollars or more in donations. Donations can be made in several installments and are cumulative. Your benefits as a “Friend of the Foundation” are triggered as soon as the 50 dollars are reached and are valid for one year.

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The World Health Organization predicts that the number of cancers will double by 2030, and more and more of us are hearing those terrible words: “You have cancer”. Cancer has grown into a billion dollar industry, but conventional cancer treatments still involve surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Fortunately, there are natural molecules capable of selectively blocking the proliferation of cancer cells, without destroying healthy cells.

For research on these molecules to continue, we need your support …

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Make a donation of $500 to become a Partner in Health or $1000 and up to become a Corporate Sponsor for the next Angels & Champions for Cancer Research fundraiser.

Become a Partner in Health or Corporate Sponsor

“If I had resigned myself and accepted the verdict of the doctors, my husband would have died a few months later!
Instead, I dared to believe and was convinced that another way was possible. With my children, we searched, searched…, had the pleasure of meeting Mr. and Mrs. BELJANSKI, and were lucky to have access to their discoveries from which Jean was able to benefit.
Thus, thanks to Prof. BELJANSKI – well ahead of his time – Jean has indeed had 32 years of survival, of great quality, to our everyone’s greatest happiness.”

Marguerite Le Guen

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