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Evidence of radical prostatectomy

07.03.96 – Radical prostatectomy (cancer) 03.20.02 – PSA (AXSYM) 1.3 ng / ml. 04.26.02 – Ultrasound-guided biopsy puncture Left latero-anastomotic nodular formation, targeted biopsies Radiologist. Analyzes: CANCER 06.06.02 – PSA (AXSYM) 1.6 ng / ml. Consultation Anti-cancer Center Paul Strauss: 35 ray sessions. 06.19.02 – Consultation with a doctor who will advise me on the use of “Beljanski” extracts: Pao pereria, Rauwolfia vomitora and Golden Leaf of Ginkgo biloba, during the rays. The radiation therapy staff repeatedly asked if I had any stomach or urinary problems. They seemed surprised that my answer was no. I had no problem. Blood test results after approximately 28 sessions of radiation and use of “Beljanski” extracts: red blood cells 4,940,000 / mm3, leucocytes 5,000 / mm3 including 1,400 lymphocytes / mm3, platelets 202,000 / mm3 I continued using the extracts after the “rays”. Result: 08.26.02 – PSA (All AXSYM) 0.7 ng / ml. 08.11.02 – PSA 0.4 ng / ml. 04.29.03 – PSA 0.1 ng / ml. 07.11.03 – PSA 0.1 ng / ml. I informed my doctor that I used the extracts to help with my cancer treatment. Thank you Beljanski Foundation.