Grade 3 Prostate Cancer Testimonial

Grade 3 Prostate Cancer Testimonial

All my life, I have been active, healthy and I worked without any major health problems until 65 years old. I was enjoying my retirement, until one day serious urination problems caught my attention.

After consulting my physician, who noted that I had an enlarged prostate, I had a biopsy June 15, 1989 that left no doubt in its conclusion: “moderately differentiated prostatic adenocarcinoma (grade III)”.

I had friends who died of bone cancer after metastasizing from the removal of the prostate. I knew others with incontinence and still others who had become impotent, always after undergoing hormonal treatments or operations. Naturally I was concerned and did not want suffer like this, but I was faced with cancer. My most precious possession, my health, was seriously affected. The statistics did not give me much chance of being able to come out of it unscathed.

My PSA (prostate antigen) level went up to 107, and I had to accept treatment from my doctors. In Villejuif, I was prescribed Decapeptyl which caused many bad side effects (tension, hot flashes, etc.). I really hated the side effects and only took this treatment for a little while.

I did my own research a found a holistic doctor who suggested I take Pao pereria, Rauwolfia vomitoria, Golden leaf of ginkgo biloba and RNA fragments. Natural products and no side effects.

This is how my PSA level gradually returned to normal (0.4), but then it rose a little again. My doctor then suggested that I undergo 40 sessions of radiotherapy. I did this in conjunction with taking Pao pereria, Rauwolfia vomitoria, Golden leaf of ginkgo biloba and RNA fragments. I was not burned or suffer any side effects from the radiotherapy, which is almost unheard of.

Instead of the very toxic treatments that specialists have always suggested to treat my prostate cancer, I preferred to pursue a path of non-aggressive natural therapies, and I think I was right.

Now I am in very good shape and feeling back to normal. I work, I garden, I love to dance… I live! The latest scans, dated January 1996, concluded “Prostatic hypertrophy without suspicious echostructure abnormality”, and I am satisfied that my PSA level is only 31 – which is a far cry from the over 100 levels I previously had.