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Prostate cancer with bone metastases

After discovering I had prostate cancer, I started taking the natural extracts researched by Dr. Beljanski and The Beljanski Foundation, in synergy with radiotherapy (32 sessions) and hormone therapy. I learned about the extracts through Mr. Weidlich, President of the CIRIS Association. I used pao pereria and rauwolfia vomitoria immediately and once radiotherapy sessions began, I included golden leaf of ginkgo biloba and rna fragments.

During the radiotherapy treatment, I did not suffer from any side effects linked to this method of treatment (no cystitis or radiation fibrosis). I was able to eat normally, consuming healthy foods. I did not follow any special diet except for not drinking alcohol.

After ten months of care, the medical report is: remarkable results. The results continued to surprise the specialists who treated me and for whom the disappearance of my bone metastases remained “a mystery.” For me there is no mystery but it just proves the effectiveness of Beljanski products.

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. BELJANSKI for your hard work.