Testimonial of bladder, prostate and left kidney cancer testimonial headshot

Testimonial of bladder, prostate and left kidney cancer

Due to urinary problems, I underwent a procedure during which they checked my bladder for cancerous cysts and polyps. The surgeon at the Clinique Pasteur in Royan gave me a CT scan which revealed a prostate tumor. I underwent a prostatectomy in December and had my sphincter removed (followed by incontinence for nine years and six months).

In 1988, I had a scintigraphy in Bordeaux. Sadly they discovered a 38 mm tumor on my left kidney which required surgery. The surgeon removed two ribs as there were metastases, in addition to lymph nodes, and adhesions removed around the spleenI continued to take Ginkgo, Rauwolfia vomitoria and Pao periera for a year and five months in total. During this period, I didnt need to resort to chemo or radiation sessions thanks to the comfort provided by the extracts. My results were excellent.

It has been 19 years since the first intervention.

On September 30, a doctor from the Pellegrin Hospital in Bordeaux suggested that I be placed on a urinary prosthesis (artificial sphincter, A.M.S. 800 device for a new life). I accepted this cutting edge technology released by American Medical Systems in the USA: Tel (1) 612-933-4666, Fax (1) 612-930-6592

Today, I am doing very well after this impressive course without chemo or rays (it was my personal choice) and I thank Dr. Beljanski for his discoveries.