Bladder and prostate cancer testimonial headshot

Bladder and prostate cancer testimonial

To tell the truth, I would like to give one more testimonial in favor of the work of The Beljanski Foundation. At the age of 64, I had my prostate removed. After this operation, the examinations revealed no signs of a malignant tumor. Unfortunately, 5 years later, as part of my medical exam carried out by the urology department of the Bordeaux University Hospital, here were the results:

  1. Relating to the bladder: non-papillary urothelial carcinoma infiltrating part of the sub epithelial chorion, respecting muscle tissue within the limits of the samples with a fairly high degree of scalability. This is a grade IV, stage PT1 tumor.
  2. Relating to the prostate: presence in one of the samples from a right prostate biopsy, of a focus of adenosis next to which there are three small glands, probably carcinomatous.

Following this precise diagnosis, both the doctors in Bordeaux and in Paris that I had consulted, suggested that I try a treatment. On July 15 we decided to implement this treatment at the rate of one instillation of BCG per week for 5 weeks, then one per month for 4 months, and finally one per quarter for a year.

The results from the exam came back positive so the injections were becoming less and less frequent. What the doctors did not know was that at the same time as this treatment, I was taking Rauwolfia vomitoria.

Another anecdote from this happy man…

On a Sunday in June, my daughter Ghislaine had also gone for a walk during the day at this event. She walked up to one of the booths at the event to find out more about cancer and AIDS. Knowing that I had very serious health problems and wishing to help me, she bought me Dr. Beljanski’s book “Confiscated Health” as a gift.

Without the work of The Beljanski Foundation and Dr. Beljanski, I would probably not be here today to be able to talk about the effectiveness of the Beljanski products, and in particular of Rauwolfia vomitoria to control prostate cancer. Additionally here is what my doctor said following a medical exam the following July:

“It’s wonderful, I tell you that there is nothing left!” “So!” I said to him, “It’s a miracle!” And the doctor very surprised, but unaware that I had taken the Beljanski products, concluded by nodding his head: “A miracle. Yes thankfully sometimes we get lucky and a miracle happens!”

As a preventive measure, and to avoid any possible relapse, I still take Rauwolfia vomitoria and Pao pereira every day.

Now I am enjoying being healthy again and am still in great shape! Some time later a PSA check alarmed my doctor and he was considering an operation within a month. Immediately after this bad news I doubled the usual dosages of “Beljanski” products on my own initiative. Just before going to my appointment I had my attending physician recheck my PSA levels… The Laboratory Director himself surprised by the result which showed a return to health. The lab telephoned my doctor to find out the name of the revolutionary treatment that caused this astonishing improvement. My surprised doctor told him that he hadn’t been able to prescribe anything for me because he was due to see me again in the next few days, but he told him: “I think he’s taking Beljanski! At these words the Director of the laboratory laughed. Then came the day of the appointment with my doctor who said to me at the outset: “You have seen your last results, but it is incredible, it is magnificent… so what happened? “I said to him, “You know very well that I take Beljanski.” “Ah yes!” He said and laughed too .. So I laughed too, but not for the same reasons those two “specialists” did.

Once again I got through this problem very well on my own. Soon these sneers will be laughing yellow, as they say, when scientific confirmations arrive from the USA. Thank you, Dr. Beljanski for all the luck you have given me and I do not understand how in a democratic country, the government can block the media from letting the people know about such crucial discoveries, and that we can push a researcher to the limit in order to let him self-destruct in the face of constant harassment…