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Testimonial endoscopic resection of the prostate

I am a retired radiologist. I am seventy-seven. In 1999, I underwent transurethral resection of the prostate. This was clinically suspicious and my PSA levels rose to 18.

I have been treated since 1982 for chest pain and have suffered from arrhythmia for more than two years. Additionally I am amoebic with significant sigmoid diverticulosis with outbreaks of diverticulitis.

Last April I felt physically exhausted. My cardiologist decided to give me a complete humoral check-up which shows a PSA level of 28.7. I decided to get a second opinion with the urologist who operated on me in 99. The ultrasound he performed showed a hard nodule 3 cm in diameter and I decided to go for consultation with an oncologist.

Being a French citizen, I have of course heard of Dr. Beljanski; I know that his products in 1994 perked up Francois Mitterand, our former president, while he was basically on his death bed. I thought what was good for this old scoundrel couldn’t be bad for me so I immediately call The Beljanski Foundation. I am given the contact details of a doctor from La Manche who is familiar with Beljanski. In less than 48 hours, I have the extracts and I start treatment without further delay. CT scan did not show any spread of the cancer. Three weeks after starting to take the extracts, I see my oncologist who told me that my cancer was severe and that I only had five or six years to live. This of course very nicely wrapped and he was right, because I have to admit that I was not very daring. No surgery, no radiation therapy either, given the state of my cancer so he offered me hormone therapy. I wince because it forces me to remove the Rauwolfia vomitoria.

He checks my PSA and it came down to 27.3. After three weeks, that is not significant, but I still want to see it as a sign of encouragement.

So here I am with my hormonal treatment, my Pao pereira and my Golden Leaf of Ginkgo biloba.

Very quickly I experienced unbearable itchiness and rashes all over my body. After a month they diminish in intensity and eventually disappear as the hot flashes set in and in turn become unbearable.

At the end of August, I have to do another hormone injection. I don’t want to.

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The PSA levels fell to 3. I asked the doctor in La Manche for his opinion. He encouraged me to quit hormone therapy so I could resume taking Pao pereira, Rauwolfia vomitoria and Golden Leaf of Ginkgo biloba.

At the end of November my oncologist is in disbelief. My tumor has basically disappeared and my PSA levels are normal. And, miraculously, I only get up once in the night. The hot flashes went away as my body detoxified from the hormonal treatment. Of course I sleep better and I am feeling much better.

I will, of course, continue taking the extracts. How long? I do not know. It will depend on my body. At least I have the advantage of being able to order a lab test myself. In three months I will be doing a new PSA test. There is no reason why it shouldn’t be as good as the last one.

Thanks to Dr. Beljanski. Thank you to CIRIS and The Beljanski Foundation. Thank you to the lovely lady who so kindly received and provided me with information over the phone.