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Marcel H. Testimonial: BPH and Prostate Cancer

7 years of hindsight.

June to October: construction of a small vacation house to visit North America (the trip of my dreams). Life is Beautiful.

The following March: Everything is ready for departure: boarding of the vehicle on April 8 in Antwerp. At the beginning of the month, last medical check before departure: PSA level 6.41 ng / l and normal ultrasound (no tumor).

In mid-March, my attending physician went on an internship on undetectable cancers of the prostate. Back from training, she calls me in for a biopsy.

She has to tap into her pitch to convince me to do it.

We are 3 weeks before departure. The biopsy was performed on March 22nd. We had the results on April 2: the right lobe of the prostate was completely affected (9 out of 9 samples were positive) with Gleason index cancer (4 + 3).

Catastrophe > life changes, we are crushed, the trip is canceled.

We go from doctor to doctor and search the internet. One night, my wife thinks of François Mitterrand and his prostate cancer.

She gets up and searches the google. We discover the Beljanski Foundation. The following day, we phoned the foundation and then Maison Beljanski in New York to order the extracts: Pao pereria and Rauwolfia vomitoria. The medical visits continue as I got an MRI in St. Nazaire, on May 9 > the cancer crossed the prostate wall (we are panicked); on May 13, bone scintigraphy in Nantes > good news: no damage to the skeleton.

During our visits to the doctor, we confirmed I would get prostate surgery. We must first go through the oncology consultation meeting in St. Nazaire which, for a prostatic adenocarcinoma classified T2NX Mo Gleason 4 + 3, but probably a T3 classification on the right, suggests:

  • Standard treatment:
    Hormone therapy and Radiotherapy.
  • Optional treatment:
    Surgery with lymph node dissection > depending on the result, additional postoperative radiotherapy will probably be necessary.

Obviously, I am taking the optional treatment (the operation) with the Beljanski treatment in secret. On June 18, I had an operation and have been on Pao V FM® (Pao pereria) and Rovol (Rauwolfia vomitoria) for 20 days.

Following the operation, I have a nosocomial infection and I remain hospitalized for 11 days instead of the 4 planned (result: weight loss = 7Kg).

During a visit, the surgeon informs me that the removed lump has been analyzed and that unfortunately radiation therapy will be necessary.

I continue the Beljanski treatment. At the end of July, the first blood test after the operation gave a PSA of 0.03ng / l. The surgeon is surprised: he expected a rate greater than 0.7ng / l.

He suggested that I join a study (Gétug 17: radiotherapy and hormone therapy with Decapeptyl LP). I refuse in view of my PSA level. On October 23, I have an appointment with the Nantes oncologist.

In the waiting room, he tells me that he begins with information before the consultation.
I give him my last PSA rate = 0.04ng / l. He is surprised and tells me that, in my case, French researchers are trying a new treatment…

I recognized Getug 17. I tell him and confirm my opposition. Immediately he gets up and I won’t have a look. Since then, I have continued the Beljanski treatment.

I made my dream come true: 18 months in North America. Beljanski extracts have been delivered to me across Canada and the U.S.A. without a problem.

I live normally but I am more careful with my diet now (almost vegetarian) and stopped drinking alcohol. The last PSA rate was done in Mexico: 0.04ng / l. We go home and the rate suddenly increased: 0.08ng / l. We asked ourselves a lot of questions.

Recurrence: The examinations start again: scanner, MRI, scintigraphy. In the meantime, I have changed doctors. The scan showed that the bones were not affected. The oncologist gives me Fluorocholine (positron emission tomography) to target very precisely the areas of recurrence.

The result shows that the 2 positive margins on the urethra, which are not vascularized, generated cancer cells in the pelvic lymph nodes.

The only treatment offered is a study: the Getug P07 protocol (6-month hormone therapy and radiotherapy with a maximum of 74Gy: 37 sessions).

The sessions were carried out between October 1 and the end of November. I had some side effects.

Secondary: drop in white blood cells and joint pain. I continued the Beljanski treatment throughout the treatment adding Ginkgo for the effects of the radiotherapy.

The drop in white blood cells is due to radiation therapy near the pelvis. To overcome this problem, I did a treatment with RNA fragments (RealBuild®).

My PSA levels for next two years is 0.00ng / l.

I continue the Beljanski products as a 2-month treatment with a 3-month break. Still having a problem with white blood cells (due to radiotherapy to the pelvis), I take RNA Fragments all winter long.

Thank you Beljanski Foundation for listening to me. Thank you to the doctors who support my decision to use the Beljanski extracts.