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Peter’s Testimonial

Prostate fatigue?

My partner complained four years ago of unpleasant and disabling sensations: he got up frequently at night to go to the bathroom, and during the day he had frequent and irresistible urges to urinate, without being able to hold back.

We talked about it together and knowing well the Beljanski extracts, and the clinical trials in the USA on men with a high PSA levels but without declared prostate cancer, I recommended the Beljanski extracts to him.

He then took Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria in morning and evening. The symptoms quickly subsided and after 15 days he was no longer in discomfort. He continued the taking the extracts for 1 month. It was not enough for my taste, but hey, it’s his call.

The following year, the unpleasant sensations reappeared. He then resumed the same treatment at the same doses, and with the same result. He agreed to continue using the extracts for a little longer this time.

I hope the effects of the treatments will last longer.

It is very reassuring to have such effective products at your disposal.

So gentlemen, don’t wait until you have prostate cancer to address this issue! Your body can give you give signs of weakness and warning signals of a more serious dysfunction or quite simply of aging of the organ. Beljanski’s extracts are really effective in both cases, and the result can be seen very quickly.

My partner has been able to avoid any serious illness thanks to these extracts.