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The following testimonials are the generous gifts from those who “made it” to those who are looking for answers. The Beljanski Foundation is delighted to provide a platform to all those who care about sharing their journey back to health. Please click here and use this form to share your own story. Writing your own testimonial not only helps others who are just at the beginning of their journey, it is also a therapeutic step towards healing and closure. For your convenience we have organized those testimonials by organ concerned, as well as by extract.

Please note many of these testimonials have been translated from the CIRIS organization, our partner in France for over 40 years, and edited for clarity. Many people have provided images of themselves, but for those who have not, we have used stock photos for your enjoyment.

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Serious lymphoma testimonial

Suffering from a serious lymphoma, I received heavy chemotherapy, as well as the products of Dr. Beljanski. My condition improved dramatically to the surprise of the doctors. The doctors are all amazed that I cope well with the hard chemotherapy sessions. Thank you Dr. Beljanski Alberto

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Follicular lymphoma testimonial

Entering the clinic for the operation of a varicocele on the left side by laparoscopy, the surgeon discovered a pelvic mass in the umbilical region. He planned in the days to come digestive exploration first radiological, then endoscopic. After ultrasound and CT scan, the surgeon performed…

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Testimonial Non-Hodgkin's malignant lymphoma

I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's malignant lymphoma of mixed type, small and large cell, parietothoracic, aggressive type. On June 10, surgery was required. During the operation, a total excision was performed, removing the anterior arch of the right 3rd rib and the base of the right lung. Then,…

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Testimonial: Lymph Node Cancer

After several months of incorrect diagnoses of a general practitioner and after having lost 21 kg, I went to the emergency room in a clinic in Anthony. The doctor immediately diagnosed lymphoma of the lymph nodes. This serious diagnosis was confirmed the next day by a specialist and I was…

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Testimonial Burkitt-type lymphoma

I had to insist that my gynecologist examine me beyond a routine consultation, timed and paid for with the secretary on leaving. When his ultrasound equipment brought him face to face with his responsibilities, everything clicked. On June 17 when I was admitted to the Val de Juine clinic in…

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Testimonial: High stage non-Hodgkin lymphoma

With regard to my disease, I would like to inform you that since December, I have been the victim of high grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma, of centro-follicular origin with multiple bone locations, stage IV. From the following February, after a slight confusion due to seeing a doctor, I started the…

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lymphoma headshot

I won’t tell you all my life, but know that I was mainly a fisherman from La Cotinière, this charming little port on the island of Oléron. I had always taken care of myself, exercised, participated in all sorts of athletic events and was healthy. I didn’t know what it was like to be sick until I…

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ovarian cancer testimonial headshot (43)

In the spring, I experienced a series of days where I was feeling very tired and bloated until one day stooping to pull a weed in my garden, I felt a burst in my stomach with the ensuing spills. I immediately phoned my Gynecologist and she asked me to see her the same evening after her…

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yvon p testimonial

In my head, I tell myself that I’m in a cycling race and that, up until now, it’s been all uphill. With the help of Beljanski's formulations, I’m still hanging in there and I’ve gotten over the worst of it. The most difficult part is over, and it can only get easier on the descent. I had no idea…

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Mr. Serge B. testimonial headshot

Regarding my illness, I inform you that since December 9, I was the victim of a Non Hodgkin’s Malignant Lymphoma of high grade, with multiple bone localizations, stage 4. Since the month of February, after a small confusion made by the doctor’s consultation, I began the Beljanski's ingredients to…

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