Testimonial Burkitt-type lymphoma

Testimonial Burkitt-type lymphoma

I had to insist that my gynecologist examine me beyond a routine consultation, timed and paid for with the secretary on leaving. When his ultrasound equipment brought him face to face with his responsibilities, everything clicked.

On June 17 when I was admitted to the Val de Juine clinic in Etampes, I was in a rather good mood, because I knew that soon I would be freed from this weight that had accumulated in my stomach and that I had been dragging around for over a month.

Of course I realized that something was wrong with my body, but I was far from thinking that it was serious and that this disease would require three and a half months of the heaviest medical treatment to bear but guaranteed at… 90%.

It was at the Hôtel Dieu in Paris that I got the best out of administering so many highly toxic chemicals. Thanks to his connections in the paramedical field but also in the medical field, my husband was quickly convinced that I needed parallel treatment. Every day he brought me a different miracle cure from the day before. Every day, I refused these pills, granules, capsules… because anyway I vomited everything.

After my second chemotherapy, I had what was called lysis syndrome and had to be transported to Broussais Hospital where we would be able to treat this consequence of the high-dose chemotherapy treatment. In fact, my kidneys were blocked, I was no longer eliminating the products that had flowed through my veins day and night without slackening for the past 5 days. Gradually I was seized with uncontrollable tremors all over my body and then a few hours later I felt like respiratory system atrophy.

I thought I was dead.

So it was there, in my new room, that the next day I made the decision to give in to my husband’s advances and be an actor in my healing.

I displayed the drawings and little words of my children Camille and Victor, I began to take, in parallel with the chemical treatment, certain products of Dr. Beljanski known in the paramedical world for their effectiveness on the immune system and the protection of healthy cells : Pao pereira, Golden Leaf of Ginkgo bilboa and RNA fragments.

I endured the chemotherapy sessions better and I was able to observe that the Real Build allowed me to maintain my level of Polynuclear neutrophils at an acceptable level in the phase of decline of immunity, then to start a spectacular rise of these from the 3rd day.

The heads of clinics were stung when I refused transfusions and other injections of Neupogen (growth hormones) but they did not ask me questions.

After my disease was declared in complete remission, I continued to take Pao and Ginkgo from Maison Beljanski in the USA for about a year.

Today, I am doing very well and I am sure that Mr. Beljanski has something to do with it.