Follicular lymphoma testimonial

Follicular lymphoma testimonial

Entering the clinic for the operation of a varicocele on the left side by laparoscopy, the surgeon discovered a pelvic mass in the umbilical region. He planned in the days to come digestive exploration first radiological, then endoscopic.

After ultrasound and CT scan, the surgeon performed exploratory laparotomy. It was a mass about ten centimeters high by 5 or 6 wide, a mass much larger than expected. It is made of lymph node clusters resembling lymphoma. Impossible to envisage an excision, even partial. The mass is, in fact, located in the mesentery extending from the ileo-jejunal junction and upward along the superior mesenteric vessels that it encompasses up to the aorta. Conclusion diffuse malignant lymphoma with cytologically capsular invasion, this lesion corresponds to a diffuse small cell lymphoma of the lymphocytic or lympho-plasmocytic type.

Since leaving the clinic I have been treated with Beljanski dietary supplements, which we heard from friends.

I have been to the hospital every three months for check-ups. These being satisfactory, the next check up was found to be done 6 months later instead of 3 months. So far the cancer has not used chemotherapy and interferon treatments as planned. I am doing very well today and I am aware that I have come a long way.

At 73, Gilbert is enjoying his retirement.