yvon p testimonial

Mr. Yvon P.

In my head, I tell myself that I’m in a cycling race and that, up until now, it’s been all uphill. With the help of Beljanski’s formulations, I’m still hanging in there and I’ve gotten over the worst of it. The most difficult part is over, and it can only get easier on the descent.

I had no idea what it meant to be sick until the age of 65.

I noticed, to my distress, that one of my testicles was progressively getting larger to the point of doubling in volume, while becoming hard to the touch. I started to worry, and went to consult a doctor. He sent me to a specialist in Royan who, after examining me, kept me there for three days during which time it became necessary to have the testicle removed. The operation was necessary, according to him, because without it “The problem would have proved fatal within 2 months.”

I still had a lymphoma. After 18 months of chemotherapy “drips” and radiation “waves” they told me: “you’re cured!”

Everything was going well until the summer when I was set back by a pulmonary infection. A short time afterwards, I had an enormous growth in my throat. After a series of incorrect diagnoses, the specialist made the decision to operate at Rochefort. The excised tumor was analyzed and it turned out to be “Non-Hodgkins” lymphoma. I was immediately sent to Bordeaux for three days of tests.

On the advice of our friends, I went for my first visit to a doctor familiar with the Beljanski’s ingredients. I very quickly noticed the competence of the homeopath who surprised me when he told me I have to follow the protocol prescribed by the oncologists because it was vital as well. However, he suggested to take Beljanski’s ingredients which would allow me to better endure the very heavy treatments. For one thing, he said, they will make the treatments more effective because the chemotherapy will become selective, that is to say the sick cells will be killed and the healthy cells will be spared. Furthermore, chemotherapy treatments will no longer need to be interrupted because of the loss of white blood cells.

I thus started Beljanski’s formulations and was much better able to withstand the chemotherapy and radiation therapy sessions. 15 days later, at the end of these very harsh treatments, the specialists were dumbfounded to find that certain stressors had disappeared.

But, in comparison with a sick friend, afflicted with the same illness and who didn’t use the Beljanski’s ingredients, I figure that I came out pretty well. He lost 20kg and is completed devastated physically.

Another surgery was necessary to remove the catheter. At that point, I was still taking Pao pereira and the Golden leaf of Ginkgo biloba which also has healing properties. When I came back to see the specialists 4 days before the date assigned for removing the stitches, seeing the speed and perfect healing that had taken place, I heard the reaction which by then had become familiar: “That’s incredible!”

Nowadays, I feel better and better. I came out of this thanks to the Beljanski family. My illness taught me one simple thing that most people haven’t yet realized: How beautiful life is!