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The following testimonials are the generous gifts from those who “made it” to those who are looking for answers. The Beljanski Foundation is delighted to provide a platform to all those who care about sharing their journey back to health. Please click here and use this form to share your own story. Writing your own testimonial not only helps others who are just at the beginning of their journey, it is also a therapeutic step towards healing and closure. For your convenience we have organized those testimonials by organ concerned, as well as by extract.

Please note many of these testimonials have been translated from the CIRIS organization, our partner in France for over 40 years, and edited for clarity. Many people have provided images of themselves, but for those who have not, we have used stock photos for your enjoyment.

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Bertrand was not born with autism testimonial

I'd like to tell you about our 4th child, Bertrand born on 11/16/98. We gave him RNA fragments (ReaLBuild) for about 12 years under the direction and advice of a doctor who referred us to you. Even if it was not easy, Bertrand took his small pod as prescribed to him in order to improve health. You…

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In 2010, my husband and I decided it was time to expand our family and start having children. I had been on the pill for almost 13 years, and my gynecologist advised me to stop about 6 months before, which I did. After 6 months past, we were ready and happy to be parents. Unfortunately, we quickly…

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Testimonial Autism and RNA fragments headshot testimonial

My husband and I want to share our story. We started giving our son, who has infantile autism, RNA fragments. We strongly believe that this is what is improving his health. Bertrand is evolving considerably. He is now in school and when he is speaking, he is making in coherent sentences, I would…

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