Bertrand was not born with autism testimonial

Bertrand was not born with autism

I’d like to tell you about our 4th child, Bertrand born on 11/16/98. We gave him RNA fragments (ReaLBuild) for about 12 years under the direction and advice of a doctor who referred us to you. Even if it was not easy, Bertrand took his small pod as prescribed to him in order to improve health. You should know that Bertrand was not born with autism. As parents, we suspect it was from antibiotics given to him when he was only 1 and half months old and diagnosed with a kidney infection. Since than he has suffered from autism.

As a young adult, Bertrand wants to be a pastry chef. He is very talented and makes delicious cakes and desserts with orange, chocolate, yogurt, chocolate mousse, eggs pudding, bacon quiche, etc. He is now 21 years old and lives a happy, normal life. In addition, he is heavily involved at the Church of Notre Dame in Royan, where he is appreciated by all. Thank you for helping our son with RNA Fragments to improve the connection of his neurons. I wish you all “Beljanski Team” a good day.

Mrs H. J.