Natural autism treatment in a 5 year old child

In 2010, my husband and I decided it was time to expand our family and start having children. I had been on the pill for almost 13 years, and my gynecologist advised me to stop about 6 months before, which I did. After 6 months past, we were ready and happy to be parents.

Unfortunately, we quickly realized that sometimes it is difficult to conceive and have a full term pregnancy; I had 2 miscarriages in 7 months, the second requiring curettage.

After that, I learned about rauwolfia vomitoria and read testimonials from women who were like me, had term pregnancies and perfectly healthy babies after being treated. I already knew the work of The Beljanski Foundation, but not about the positive effects of rauwolfia vomitoria on the hormonal system (taking the pill for so long can only contribute to hormonal imbalance) and pregnancies in particular. So I decided to take the extract, and 6 months later I got pregnant again. I was afraid of losing this baby, but the pregnancy went very well without any problems, and my son was born at full term and in great health!

Just before he was five, we learned that my son had autism. He was mainly struggled with speech, which we hadn’t worried about before, as his dad is American so he was learning both French and English at home. He understood well what was being said to him, but found it very difficult to answer. He was also very aware of his problem with his expression, which made him unhappy and sometimes violent, especially at school.

After a diagnosis, we were simply referred to a speech therapist, who saw our son for several months. We also consulted a homeopath, who gave him treatment. We saw some changes and slight progress, but he was still struggling.

Autism is not a disease, and we never tried to “cure” it. All we wanted was for him to be able to express himself and feel good about himself.

Eventually we got in touch with a Health and Wellness Coach at Maison Beljanski, who explained to us the link between gut health, immune system and neurological function. We therefore decided to start having our son take RNA fragments (ReaLBuild), at the measure of half a capsule once a week for about 5 months (from November 2017 to March 2018, and to start again every year), and also to modify his diet following blood tests which revealed a gluten intolerance.

Since then, our son has made enormous progress in communication. He can now easily have conversations, tell us about his days, and communicate with other children at school. He’s still a little behind the kids his age, but the gap is getting smaller and smaller. He has flourished, made new friends, and has great self-confidence.

We are truly grateful to everyone who supported, advised, and directed us to rauwolfia vomitoria and RNA fragments. We clearly saw the results, and I hope this testimonial will help others who are in the same situation.