A Great Event at Maison Beljanski About Autism

As part of its Healthy Tuesdays series, Maison Beljanski hosted a special event dedicated to Autism. The Healthy Tuesdays series is all about empowering people with cutting edge, as well as practical information, about various aspects of Integrative Medicine. The autism event did not fail to deliver, with two great speakers, Dr. Robert Melillo and Dr. John Hall presenting different, but complimentary approaches to autism.

Healthy Tuesdays Autism Graphic

Just as we have seen the number of cancer cases growing alarmingly around the word, we are seeing the epidemic of autism increase. Today just in the USA alone, one out of 68 children is diagnosed with autism. The key symptoms of the disease are language issues (25% of kids with autism are non-verbal), tendency to aggression and hyperactivity, gut health imbalance, and sleep disorders.

Dr. Robert Melillo

Dr. Melillo, an expert in the field of functional neurology, with a master’s degree in neuroscience and clinical rehabilitation neuropsychology, gives a primer on epigenetics and the importance of environmental factors in the onset of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). According to Dr. Melillo, autism results from a functional dis-connectivity and immature development of certain areas of the brain, inducing a weak functional connectivity between the two hemispheres of the brain. Fortunately, these imbalances can be assessed and corrected through exercises and an elimination diet aimed at reducing the inflammation of the gut. It gives parents hope that lifestyle changes can improve their affected children.  As Dr. Melillo explains in his book, Disconnected Kids, OCD/ADHD/Autism/Dyslexia syndromes occur when “areas in the brain, especially the two hemispheres of the brain, are not electrically balanced, or synchronized.”

The Center on Park, located in New York, NY, provides intensive treatment and support to people with all sorts of psychiatric disabilities.

Dr. John Hall

Dr. Hall is the Director of Research at The Beljanski Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to researching natural solutions to help fight cancer and other chronic diseases linked to a loss of immunity. Dr. Hall presented early promising results of administration of a special preparation of  bacterial RNA fragments to children with ASD. At least two doctors in Europe have already reported marked improvement of their autistic patients with this nutritional approach. Those specific RNA fragments have already shown the ability, in a clinical trial conducted at Cancer treatment Centers of America*, to safely stimulate the formation of white blood cells and platelets in patients at the verge of thrombocytopenia, a common side effect of harsh chemotherapy. As chemotherapy induces a loss of the lining of the intestine, patients lose their ability to produce a decent number of platelets, the blood cells that help with clotting, explained Dr Hall. However, when taking this bacterial RNA fragments, they maintain the ability to produce those immunity cells. Based on early reports, the adjunct of those specific bacterial RNA fragments to autistic children’s diet seem to safely and successfully improve their immune systems and their brain function.

The Beljanski Foundation is looking to fund additional research for Autism.

 *Dose Escalation Study of an Antithrombocytopenic Agent in Patients with Chemotherapy Induced Thrombocytopenia

Robert D Levin, MaryAnn Daehler, James F Grutsch, John L Hall, Digant Gupta, Christopher G Lis. Levin
Bio Med Central BMC Cancer 10:565 – 2010.

Below are a few images from the Healthy Tuesdays event! The next Healthy Tuesdays will be on August 27th and dedicate to Keeping Your Skin Healthy. We hope to see you there!

Adrienne Murphy and Theresa DeMarco

Adrienne Murphy and Theresa DeMarco

Carole Weaver and Dr. John Hall

Carole Weaver and Dr. John Hall

Sylvie Beljanski and Dr. Robert Melillo

Sylvie Beljanski and Dr. Robert Melillo

Dr. Robert Melillo at Autism event

Dr. Robert Melillo

Dr. John Hall at Autism event

Dr. John Hall

Dr. John Hall and Dr. Robert Melillo

Dr. John Hall and Dr. Robert Melillo

Theresa DeMarco and Jeanne Stafford at Autism event

Theresa DeMarco and Jeanne Stafford

Maison Beljanski presents Healthy Tuesdays: Inflammation

August 28th was the second in a new series of events called Healthy Tuesdays, which are a unique networking and educational opportunity for guests to experience stimulating, non-conventional, thought-provoking health talks by doctors and specialists.

Inflammation is extremely common and suffered by too many people.  Below are a few facts on the topic:

What is Inflammation?

—> The Body’s Response to Injury

Top 10 Causes

1. Foods with a High Glycemic Index
2. Trans Fats
3. Saturated Animal Fats 
4. Excessive Alcohol Consumption
5. Celiac Disease
6. Smoking
7. Chronic Stress
8. Obesity
9. High ratio Omega-6 to Omega-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acids
10. Pollution and Environmental Toxins

Top 10 Foods to Avoid

1. Sugar
2. Vegetable Oil
3. Fried Food 
4. Refined Flour
5. Dairy
6. Artificial Sweetener
7. Artificial Additives
8. Saturated Fats
9. Conventional Grain-Fed Meats
10. Processed Meats

Top 10 Foods to Reduce Inflammation

1. Healthy Oils
2. Fish
3. Nuts
4. Fruit  
5. Garlic
6. Herbs
7. Chocolate
8. Tea
9. Beans
10. Onions

Now that the basics have been established, Healthy Tuesdays presented Three Ways to Address Inflammation with Three powerful keynote speakers:

Dr. Richard Carlton – Physician specializing in Integrative Psychiatry who has been a pioneer in the rational use of nutrition-based treatment approaches. His presentation focused on the positive interaction of medical cannabis to treat inflammation in one’s body.
Dr. John Hall – Director of Research for The Beljanski Foundation. He educated the group about the anti-inflammatory effect and multi-organ benefits of Pao pereira which has been proven on studies within the prostate and pancreas.
Dr. Larisa Likver – Board-certified physiatrist with over 20 years of medical experience, specifically pain management, both in New York City and internationally. She provided the group with an understanding of how to repair painful musculoskeletal damage at the root.

The event was full of energy and each speaker was highly fascinating. We are greatly anticipating the next event on October 2nd featuring Men’sHealth. Register here!