Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is the most common inflammatory condition in men, especially older men. It affects over 15 million men in the US and tens of millions more worldwide. It is characterized by progressive enlargement of prostate tissues leading to constriction of the urethra and urinary problems that can be severe. BPH creates quality of life issues for men and increases the risk of prostate cancer. Two major classes of drugs, 5α-reductase inhibitors and α-blockers, are  prescribed to treat BPH, but these drugs are associated with various unpleasant side effects.

Studies from Nanjing University show that the Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria plant extracts, which possess antiproliferative activity against various human cancer cells, including prostate cancer cells, also demonstrate excellent anti-BPH effects comparable to the drugs, but without the negative side effects.

Recent breakthrough in BPH

A paper published in the December 2020 issue of the Journal of Integrative Medicine shows that the Rauwolfia vomitoria plant extract reverses the prostate enlargement associated with BPH and alleviates the troublesome symptoms of this condition. The extract works by restoring hormone and androgen receptor balance and is effective for both treatment and prevention of BPH. The plant extract is just as effective at reducing prostate size as the commonly used drug finasteride, but side effects of the drug, like reduced sperm counts, were not observed with the extract.


The key BPH-associated enzyme, 5α-reductase, which converts testosterone into its more aggressive form dihydrotestosterone (DHT), is inhibited by the Rauwolfia vomitoria extract. The extract also reduces the level of androgen receptor (AR). Since the binding of DHT to AR is what drives prostate cell growth, the extract removes the trigger for BPH. The Pao pereira extract has the very same hormone balancing effect. Learn more


BPH is also fostered by NFκB signaling which leads to release of pro-inflammatory chemokines. By inhibiting NFκB activation, the Pao pereira extract suppresses these chemokines while inducing apoptosis in BPH cells.   Previous work from Nanjing University showed that Pao pereira extract inhibits NFκB signaling in advanced prostate cancer cells. The Pao pereira extract offers safe anti-inflammation and anti-cancer activity for the prostate.


The inhibition of NFκB signaling by Pao pereira extract has potential that goes beyond prostate inflammation and prostate cancer. NfκB is a control center that regulates inflammation and cancer in many types of cells and the Pao extract offers inhibition consistent with normal physiology. We expect the extract to be effective in other cases of inflammation associated cancers such as triple negative breast cancer.


Newly Released Study: Good news for all men over 50

Rauwolfia vomitoria extract suppresses benign prostatic hyperplasia by inducing autophagic apoptosis through endoplasmic reticulum stress.

In Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), a chronic inflammation that causes prostate enlargement, Rauwolfia vomitoria extract triggers persistent autophagy that leads to death of BPH cells by apoptosis. The result is that BPH cells are removed from the body.

Normally, cells maintain homeostasis by recycling their proteins and organelles using a process called autophagy—literally “self-digestion”. Autophagy promotes the survival of cells that contain defective proteins or structures: the recovered components can be reused to make healthy proteins and structures.

In BPH, Rauwolfia extract induces an extension of the self-digestion process called autophagic apoptosis, which ends in BPH cell death. For the serious inflammation in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, induction of autophagic apoptosis is just what the doctor ordered and Rauwolfia extract does it!

Rauwolfia extract is likely to trigger this mechanism in precancerous inflammations in other hormonally regulated tissues such as breast.

This new research, from Dr. Jun Yan laboratory in China, was published in the prestigious journal BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies

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columbia university medical center research about prostate cancer

What if the same approach could offer both prevention and intervention? What if this approach was effective and devoid of side effects?

Over 15 million men suffer from BPH in the United States alone and conventional medicine  does not offer a definitive cure without side effects. Recent research shows that Pao pereira (Pau pereira) extract reduces chronic prostate inflammation by balancing the hormone changes that occur with age and inhibiting excess NFkB activity that promotes prostate inflammation. In addition, Pao pereira induces apoptosis, also known as the “cell death program”, of those cells which are chronically inflamed. These BPH studies complement previous publications showing that Pao pereira is effective on prostate cancer cells and even on metastasized cancer cells that no longer respond to hormonal treatments. Both Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria, selectively block the duplication of cancerous destabilized DNA while not affecting healthy DNA.

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The Beljanski Approach to Cancer

Now there’s a natural way to combat cancerous cells while being gentle on healthy cells. Dr. Mirko Beljanski, PhD., now being recognized as the “Father of Environmental Medicine,” conducted ground-breaking research revealing the connection between toxins in our environment and the onset of cancer. And he was quick to reason that nature holds the answers for a cure to all cancers. Natural, non-toxic ingredients developed and perfected by Dr. Mirko Beljanski selectively block the duplication of cancerous destabilized DNA while not affecting healthy DNA. They work on every type of cancer at every stage because they are not gender or organ specific. Based upon the legacy of Dr. Mirko Beljanski, the Beljanski Foundation has been working collaboratively for the past three decades with scientists worldwide to research a natural approach to cancer.

The Beljanski extracts have now become the topic of many peer-reviewed scientific publications, from numerous academic institutions, confirming their effectiveness and providing a deeper understanding of their mechanism of action.

The Beljanski Foundation’s team is committed to sharing these findings with you, so that you can make informed decisions to help restore and maintain optimal health.

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"Men are clearly having less frequency, better streams, and better flow rates. They are not getting up as often at night. The bottom line is that our early results are very encouraging regarding Beljanski’s extracts’ ability to lower PSA and also help older men urinate better."

Dr. Andy. Katz, “The Columbia Connection.” The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living 14, no. 8, September 2010, 27.

What it says about BPH

“At the restaurant, Dr. Katz greeted me with his trademark flashy grin. Despite my anxiety I smiled back. He reiterated his enthusiasm for the safety and efficacy displayed by both extracts in the initial studies. Having shown that tumor growth was suppressed by up to 80 percent in mice grafted with prostate tumor cells and with no signs of toxicity, Dr. Katz was now ready to run a clinical trial on men with an elevated PSA reading. He would give them a special combination of both Pao pereira and Rauwolfia Vomitoria. Indeed, whenever two anticancer agents work by different mechanisms of action, it makes sense to use them together. This approach takes advantage of the potential for a synergistic effect, especially considering that there are not many treatment options currently offered to men with elevated PSA. Typically, such patients are put on regular observation of their condition, waiting for the time when conventional treatment (radiation, chemotherapy and surgery) becomes necessary.”

P.113 Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure

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