All Green Teas are Not Equal in Anti-Cancer Effect

All Green Teas are Not Equal in Anti-Cancer Effect:  Research shows that a special green tea blend is more effective against breast cancer.



The results of a new study comparing the anti-cancer effects of several well-known teas has shown that a newly developed blend of green teas was superior at inhibiting the growth of two breast cancer cell lines, including one highly metastatic cell line. This blend combines four different green teas: Ceylon Green, Bi Lou Chun, Organic Gunpowder and Dragonwell.

Blend of teas selected by Mirko Beljanski

The anti-cancer potential of each of these teas was originally identified by Prof. M. Beljanski of the Pasteur Institute using the Oncotest, an assay he developed for detecting carcinogenic and anti-carcinogenic compounds. The new study confirms the activity of a combination of the four green teas against breast cancer cells.

Green teas have long been associated with anti-oxidant and anti-cancer benefits, but the new research shows that the activity of this specific combination stands out. When tested against other teas including Bigelow®, Kusmi®, and Lipton®, the four green tea blend had the most potent anti-cancer effect on the cultured breast cancer cells. Data in the figure below show the viability of the breast cancer cell lines after exposure to extracts of each of the teas tested (400 micrograms/ml). The green tea blend (OnkoTeaTM) was the best at reducing the number of breast cancer cells.

Onkotea and breast cancer

This research was conducted at a prominent medical center that has conducted many successful projects on behalf of The Beljanski Foundation.  Further research is planned to explore the effects of the green tea blend on other types of cancer.

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