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Testimonial of kidney cancer with thrombosis of the vena cava and near the heart

I had a swollen leg with a significant edema, and I was referred to a cardiovascular surgeon who immediately hospitalized me for numerous examinations: kidney ultrasound, chest-abdominal scan, abdominal ultrasound, MRI, scintigraphy. These examinations confirmed the existence of a kidney cancer which appeared to be old, with thrombosis of the superior and inferior vena cava as well as thrombosis near the heart. They had to operate on me, without hiding that it would be a major operation, opening the abdomen from the top of the thorax and that it carried a very high risk. I waited 8 days because there was no room to keep me in the hospital. The day before the operation, I was told that the doctors all agreed to cancel the planned operation, which was considered far too dangerous, given my age (80 years old). A doctor lets me understand that I can have some … for three months of survival. However, I was lucky to find an Oncologist who recognizes the benefits of “Beljanski” products (but yes, there are a few). I am starting this treatment which includes: oral chemotherapy 10 days a month (Endoxan, methotrexate) Clastoban (to avoid bone metastases) Carzodélan intramuscularly (to be brought from Germany), Préviscan (anticoagulant to prevent thrombosis) and products “Beljanski” (PAOV “FM”, ROVOL V,  GINKGO V and REALBUILD). I also continue to take the drugs I have been taking for years for mild arrhythmia: Cordazone and Hemigoxine. I was also given, on March 15,, an “embolization” of the kidney (by injecting into the arteries a product that prevents kidney cancer from being nourished by blood). This embolization is very trying and causes a feverish state in me for a week. I can finally return to Montpellier to continue my treatment after spending 2 and a half months in Paris instead of the 8 days that I planned to spend there. I have to come back to Paris in June for a second embolization. I must say that this second embolization also brought me very big inconveniences, as a result of deviation of the products injected into the lumbar artery (causing very painful low back pain which I still have sequelae) and the gonadal artery (causing thus a persistent infection of the groin and of a testicle for long months to arrive at the removal of a testicle in January. In October, I returned to Paris to take a “PETScan” (examination still not very common in France) which revealed that if the thrombus was still present, there was no longer any trace of kidney cancer, nor any metastasis. The doctors were stunned by this result, I did not hide that the main reason for this remission (not yet a total cure), was regular intake of “Beljanski” products for 20 months. I continue to take “Beljanski” products and receive reduced oral chemotherapy and I am now leaving to lead a normal life at 81 years old. I would add that, in the nearly two years that I have been treating my cancer, I have never hidden from my doctors that I was taking “Beljanski” products; whether they like it or not. This is a real code of ethics for me. A climate of trust must exist between the Doctor and the patient. The patient must tell his Doctor what medications he is taking in addition to his prescriptions. It is heartbreaking that marketing authorizations for “Beljanski” products are still refused in France, while Professor BELJANSKI is known and admired abroad, and especially in the United States.