Testimonial following jaw cancer

Testimonial following jaw cancer

When I joined your organization, I didn’t think I would ever need it!

Irritation of the gums and inflammation under a crown lead me to see a stomatologist who, after a biopsy, diagnosed jaw cancer.

It is three years since I have been operated on. During my operation part of my jawbone was removed as well as 5 teeth on the right side. I had 35 radiation sessions.

On the day of the procedure, I already had Pao pereira and Golden Leaf of Ginkgo Biloba at home and was able to start immediately.

I just had a check-up, everything is going very very well and each time the surgeon tells me “it’s really perfect.” My doctor advises me to continue with Pao pereira every other month and it has been a blessing. I am no longer at risk of recurrence.

I sincerely hope that the work of The Beljanski Foundation becomes more and more well known. Thank you for everything and your advice.