Testimonial, ten years of hindsight on breast cancer

Ten years of hindsight. Ive changed my life and my job twice already. I am now settled in Bordeaux with a very fulfilling sentimental life, and a new hope for a professional life now that I have resumed paramedical studies. If there is one lesson to be learned, its that life is wonderful after cancer, even with its after-effects… as long as you open up to others.

In August 2006, at the age of 36, I was told of a cancerous cyst in the breast (7cm in diameter), but fortunately the axillary dissection and the extension assessment were negative. I did not feel capable at the time to take conventional treatments.

I lived alone with my daughter and I did not want to impose a sick, physically decrepit mother on her. So I refused chemo and radiotherapy, or rather I quietly disappeared from the doctorsfield of vision.

I only took Beljanski extracts, but not long enough, and above all I stopped the RNA Fragments at the same time as the other products when it is recommended to take it at least 6 months.

And then more difficult times hit…at work, the death of my father, the announcement of a recurrence…all of this in the same week… 3 months later, on September 27, 2007, I found out my recurrence was bad. I felt like the world collapsed once again on this famous September 27th when I heard the verdict: recurrence of breast cancer!

I was at the office and felt paralyzed…I had to come up with a plan. I had to announce this to my relatives and to my 12 year old daughter!

A few days later, the announcement was even more terrible: the breast removal was scheduled for the following October 12.

There, the world no longer turns in the same direction. I found myself a spectator, completely detached from my environment. I saw the film of everyday life unfold before my eyes without being able to take part in it, locked in a parallel world. How can I wake up from this nightmare?

Fortunately, nature took its course, and after the inevitable depression, it was time for me to react and get back to living and I took charge (damn it!).

Invested in the CIRIS association and The Beljanski Foundation, like my parents, I have known Beljanski for a long time, and it was natural that I turned to these treatments.

Above all, I want to tell everyone about the comfort that Beljanski extracts brought me during these terrible months (surgery, chemo and radiotherapy), and to defend my free choice of therapy. I therefore underwent a breast ablation on October 12, 2007 following the diagnosis of invasive grade 3 ductal carcinoma (triple negative and therefore non-hormone sensitive cancer) with muscle infiltration pectorals. Fortunately, there was no metastasis this time around. But without lymph node verification possible (axillary dissection had already been performed a year earlier), there was doubt about the extent of this aggressive cancer.

So I accepted all the treatments allowing me to hope to eradicate this disease once and for all (including obviously a different relationship to food). After the operation, I went back to the classic” protocol with 4 months of chemotherapy (3 courses of FEC 100 and 3 cures of taxotere) and 6 weeks of radiotherapy (30 sessions). I did not take the chemotherapy very well: vomiting, sleeplessness, loose nails…the hair loss was not really much compared to the rest. My body was so weakened that I found myself ill (angina, persistent otitis…) for long weeks, forcing me to take cortisone treatment for over a month.

Obviously, from the start, I have been using Beljanski’s extracts. But having to take 15 capsules per meal and being constantly nauseous, we lowered our guard and took fewer pills! For some reason, it was Beljanski’s extracts that I almost stopped…until my first treatment with taxotère.

The days after this injection were terrible. I had not been sufficiently warned and prepared for the side effects that appeared: intense pain in the fingertips and nails, loss of taste with a sore mouth and a tongue that doubled in size, to the point of having difficulty breathing! I responded to this by stopping the cortisone and greatly increasing the Ginkgo. Im not saying it was a good reaction, but it was mine as I had reached my tolerance level. Within two days, the side effects subsided considerably and some even disappeared. They were then contained, and bearable, with each course of chemo, allowing me to finish the treatment. Its heartwarming to be able to go to your chemo treatment with peace of mind.

I was also able to experiment with RNA Fragments for blood count. The day before one of my chemo treatments, my blood tests were not good and the treatment the next day was compromised (which I did not want at all, no question of prolonging these heavy treatments for one or two weeks). I took a dose of RNA Fragments in the evening. The next morning, before the planned treatment, another blood test, and this time, the blood count was good enough to have my chemo injection!

I was then reluctant to take radiation therapy. But being able to protect my body with Ginkgo and RNA Fragments convinced me to take the rays. My skin turned brown, sure, but I wasnt burnt, and I didnt suffer! I still have some adhesions today (feeling that the scar tissue has retracted and is stuck together) which I manage to reduce by combining regular physiotherapy sessions and Beljanski’s Ginkgo. Apart from these minor inconveniences, my results are good.

Staying in good health requires a daily effort for me: positive thinking, love for others, exercise, a healthy and organic diet, and regular use of the Beljanski extracts (Ginkgo, Pao pereria and RNA Fragments 6 months per year, one dose per week).

My warmest thanks to Dr. Beljanski and The Beljanski Foundation.