Testimonial Carcinoma headshot

Testimonial Carcinoma

In April, the little mark on my thigh turned into a nightmare. Very rare cancerous tumor which must be eradicated quickly. I was hospitalized for tests before the procedure, to look for other possible tumors in the body. I’m in low spirits, I cry while waiting for the results every day.

One evening another patient offered to talk to me. I don’t want to talk about this horrible thing that’s destroying my life, but fate must have sent me this person because she cheered me up by telling me the story of her mother condemned by doctors and who to this day lives in great shape thanks to Dr. Beljanski’s work. I did not not know of the extracts and asked her for help.

My operation took place and I had a wound about the size of a grapefruit. A transplant is scheduled for later.

Later I call The Beljanski Foundation for help and am given the name of a homeopath. After consulting her, I began taking Pao pereira and golden leaf of ginkgo biloba.

I am still suffering from this raw wound which is cleaned every two days by a nurse with just soap and water. The wound heals so quickly that during my visits to the surgeon who operated on me, he cannot believe his eyes. I try to tell them that I am taking a nutritional supplement for healing but no one believes me. Only the nurse who saw me every two days could understand.

Two months later the wound is completely closed and the surgeon tell me that I don’t need a transplant. I was happy beyond belief. Thank you Dr. Beljanski and The Beljanski Foundation.