Testimonial cancer in my left tonsil headshot

Testimonial cancer in my left tonsil

On August 15 I saw a doctor because I had a throat pain. He diagnosed a simple sore throat and prescribed me antibiotics. I work in a larger hospital, so naturally I have made friends with many doctors. I mentioned at work about my throat pain and diagnosis and one of the doctors put me on antibiotics, adds cortisone and asks me to see him again when I return from vacation. We go on vacation for 15 days, the situation gets even worse. When we got back, I went for a consultation and had to do a biopsy to have an accurate diagnosis because the lymph node had doubled in size. The result was cancer in my left tonsil. I was prescribed treatments with crippling side effects that terrified me. Thankfully I found out about The Beljanski Foundation who recommended a doctor in Toulouse. I began using Pao pereira, Rauwolfia vomitoria, Ginkgo biloba and RNA fragments immediately. When I went back to my original doctor for a follow up appointment, he was very surprised at the positive results and he referred me to an oncologist for radiotherapy. The oncologist gave me a protocol combining radiotherapy and chemo, which I decided to follow, knowing that I will be protected from side effects thanks to Beljanski’s extracts. During my first appointment with the new oncologist, I immediately told the Doctor that I was following the Beljanski approach. He replied: “Your surgeon already told me and don’t worry, you are not the first person to use the extracts.” Ah! I looked surprised, and how’s it going for the people who take these products? He replied: “I must admit that it is going better for them than for the others who do not take it.” I left reassured. In conclusion, I didn’t need a catheter and I didn’t lose my voice. My beard and hair grew back quickly. I must point out that the day after each chemo I was devastated, vomiting, spasms and low morale. But that would be normal since I had been injected with cisplatin. Eventually everything was back to normal and during the check-up on September 22, I was told 3 times “Mr. L., you are cured!” In 6 months of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it is a miracle. My blood count is back to normal. At the end of December, I was checked again and everything is perfect, they only want to see me every 6 months for the next 5 years. Everything in life falls apart when you go through such an ordeal but I had to keep hope as I had decided to take charge of my health and make the right choice with Beljanski. It was thanks to these formulas for progress that I was able to get out, grow and regain my health. This year I will turn 55 and I am well. I hope my story will help people with health problems and give them confidence in these extracts that saved my life (in synergy with conventional treatments). Thanks to CIRIS, The Beljanski Foundation, Dr. BELJANSKI and his family. People who knew him met an angel, a real one.