Leukemia testimonial

Testimonial Acute Leukemia Type 5

A big thank you to Joëlle P. for the story of her husband’s treatment.

Symptoms start: March

Screening date: May – Screening methods (analyzes, scanner, etc.)

Location: All the bone marrow

Duration of treatments: 2 years of Beljanski treatment and 6 months of conventional treatment


Intensive chemotherapy (4 rounds chemo of 9 to 11 days each spaced 6 weeks apart leading to hospitalization of more than 6 months) + a family donor bone marrow transplant




In March, I am on a business trip. My husband informs me that he has just noticed a suspicious lump in his testicle. He’s going to a urologist. His verdict: cancer and we must operate quickly. The operation is performed urgently and the tumor is analyzed. We breathe while waiting for the results of the analysis of the tumor which will take several weeks. Our “sigh of relief” was not for long, however, because my husband starting to suffer from disparate pain. 4 weeks later, he was hospitalized with acute type 5 leukemia, a severe and often fatal form. He will undergo 4 intensive rounds of chemo with the goal being to destroy his bone marrow.

While this is happening, I start research other methods of treatment. I discover the Beljanski treatments, but have my doubts (it’s part of my job, I am a journalist) and I investigate this scientist. I discover the 300 studies carried out by Dr. Beljanski and I talk to people who have used the extracts.

My husband started his first round chemo which is not going too badly, but he still feels pain in his collarbone and says to me: I can feel that the cancer cells are still there. I called The Beljanski Foundation New York and they advise me to mainly Pao Pereira. My husband is starting to take his herbal treatment and after three days, he feels the differences. “I can’t feel the pain anymore. I know the cancer cells are gone,” he told me. This was confirmed by the first control examinations. No more cancer cells in his marrow, which was 80% invaded. But he had to continue the 3 other chemo treatments because this type of cancer is recurrent and few people survive. Until the transplant. The other two rounds of chemo don’t go too badly.

My husband is cited as an example of an exceptional patient. The nurses take their exams with him. He rides a bike for a few minutes a day. He experiences very few negative side effects.

Last chemo treatment. We have informed the doctors that he is taking Pao Pereira. They forbid my husband to take Pao prior to the last chemo treatment to prepare for the transplant. There should be no interference. The chemo session went much worse. My husband was severely weakened. We saw a clear difference between chemo with Pao and chemo without Pao. It’s obvious. We were worried, but thankfully my husband survived and the transplant was successful.

Today, my husband has been in remission for over 7 years. Statistically, only 5% of the patients who suffered from my husband’s cancer are still alive after 5 years. He is much weaker than before his illness and has to rest several times a day, but my husband, my children and I continue to think that it is thanks to the plants recommended by Doctor Beljanski that their father and my husband is still with us.