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Cancer of the biliary tract and beginning of pancreatic cancer

I am 68 years old.

I was diagnosed with cancer of the bile ducts, onset of pancreatitis (pancreatic cancer) and duodenal stenosis (small bowel obstruction).  

In June, I had the duodenum, part of the pancreas, bile duct and gallbladder removed. In July, I learned about CIRIS (now Beljanski Foundation) and the work of Professor Mirko Beljanski. In August , I started taking a number of Beljanski’s extracts, such as Pao pereira, Golden Leaf of Ginkgo Biloba and RNA Fragments, while undergoing chemotherapy. Since then, my condition has improved and I have reduced the dosage of these products; however, I continue to take Pao every day for prevention.

Three years later I had my last medical exam and everything was perfect. I feel that I am in great shape. Since I began taking the Beljanski extracts, I have also noticed decrease in my allergies.