Testimonial Cancer of both lungs

Testimonial Cancer of both lungs

I am 72 years old. At the end of December, I had a cough which, despite the antibiotics, would not go away.

After having had a biopsy of the lungs, the verdict came: cancer with nodules of several sizes on both lungs, therefore inoperable.

I have had several chemo sessions and three hospital protocols that have reached their limits.

At the beginning of April, I learned about the Beljanski Foundation and the work of Dr. Beljanski through a friend who lives in Angoulême. At the end of April, I started using Pao pereira, Golden Leaf of ginkgo biloba, Rauwolfia vomitoria and RNA fragments in synergy with the chemo.

Three years later during my last medical exam, my doctor said things are very good, but not yet in “remission.”

Given the results of medical analyzes, I can only encourage patients to take “Beljanski” products for their effectiveness.