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Evidence of right ovarian cancer and stage 3 peritoneal carcinoma

In February, I returned to the emergency clinic to be operated on for my gallbladder. In the ten days I was there I was ultimately operated on March 1 for a tumor in the right ovary. A peritoneal carcinoma was diagnosed. I was already at stage 3. I was suffering from bloating and excessive fatigue, and a fever of 101°F almost every day.  The two doctors who followed me (a general practitioner and an acupuncturist) were content to tell me that it was surely due to food intolerance, stress or post menopause! I was 70.

During the operation, the surgeon found 2 liters of fluid in my abdomen; all the organs “overlapped” and were compressed, from where the belly more and more enormous, to the point of not supporting anymore any clothing.

After the operation, I decided to try the Beljanski treatment plus the probiotics from the Laboratoire Pilège, as indicated in the “Dialogue” you sent me. I knew the name of Beljanski because as President of a small health association, I was in this movement. 

So, I have been taking these products continuously since June and continue to this day. I underwent a control operation on October 19 (exploratory laparotomy) because the surgeon had initially explained to me that in view of the damage observed, he could not remove everything at once. I underwent 6 sessions of chemo (5 performed) to reduce the nodules before the 2nd operation. However, on October 19, the surgeon came to my bed to tell me that he was very surprised to have found nothing to remove! He closed on 34cm not without having taken 5 samples in the lower abdomen. Of the 5 sites, 3 were positive with only a few irregular cells that are being eradicated in 3 small sessions.

I continue with Beljanski products. Throughout the illness, the tests were always good for red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. The chemo tires me for 4 to 5 days, but I treat hives (allergy) attacks with homeopathy, and I protect my liver cells with Desmodium.

Thank you for the book by Doctor Hervé Janecek and the “Dialogue” from which I draw optimism on days of spleen!

So, I send you my testimonial. To date, the CA 125 protein marker is at 58. At the start I was at 4920 and 520 after the 1st operation. I am working on the biological decoding of my cancer and I have settled the conflict that is at its origin, namely supporting my neurasthenic mother for 40 years, living with a half-mad husband and experiencing my brother’s suicide. It’s a lot!

I would like to stress the importance of a healthy lifestyle, especially exercise and walking. A gluten-free diet is beneficial to prevent rotting of the intestinal wall.

I think I have good chances despite the limits of the “traditional” medical profession.

On January 22, the oncologist declared me in complete remission.