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Oral cancer testimonial

I had a neoplastic ulceration in the lower part of my right cheek. The biopsy revealed a micro-invasive malpighia carcinoma and I underwent an operation. A few years later, new biopsies appeared showing large, severe dysplasia and again, I underwent an operation. A few more years pass and a new biopsy shows a recurrence with a jugal nodule and extension on the right gensive level, the histology shows a carcinoma in situ. I was offered a new, more invasive operation, I refused, then radiotherapy, I asked to think. After reading an article titled “Your Health”, I discovered the work of Dr. Beljanski and got in touch with The Beljanski Foundation, who gave me a doctor recommendation. I saw him and began using Pao pereira. I quickly felt an improvement. After a few months, I also began to use golden leaf of ginkgo biloba and Rauwolfia vomitoria. Not being able to speak, I had the idea of ​​making mouthwashes with the powder of the extracts by opening the capsules that I diluted in water then spat out at the end of the mouthwash. Every morning I did this and in the evening I did a mouthwash with magnesium chloride so that I had a perfectly sanitized mouth for the night. About ten days later, I could speak normally again, and this technique was very effective. I would like to share this testimonial with all readers, as there are certainly other possible applications of Beljanski extracts when there are difficulties with oral absorption. I am thinking of the possible mixing of the powder in very sweet baby jars because the powders are bitter. You have to have ideas to get by. The next time I saw my Doctor again he found me in better shape and told me keep up with what you are doing, we are on the right track! I was able to take charge of my health and I hope to continue making the right choices to get out of it permanently because cancer is never benign.