Ductal Carcinoma Testimonial

Ductal Carcinoma Testimonial

We would like to inform you that this doctor who had the courage to send us this testimonial on 11/10/2003 died on January 26, 2004 at the age of 50, following a traffic accident.

On the evening of 12/01/2004 she was run over by a bus from the KUNEGEL company from Mulhouse, a town in which he practiced his profession and where he was highly respected. We are horribly sad to see such a tragedy happen to this beautiful person.

“It was in February 2001 that I was diagnosed with a 2 cm cancer called infiltrating ductal carcinoma classified SBR2 SBRM4/5 (severe) with angio-invasion. I will be operated on 02/28/2001. 7 days later I began using Pao pereira, Rauwolfia vomitoria and Golden Leaf of Ginkgo biloba.

Chemotherapy began on 03/22/01, i.e. 6 infusions spaced 3 weeks apart (endoxan + formorubicin + vincristine; at high doses. These drugs are old, cheap and very toxic at the doses used). To this protocol was added 100 mg of tranxene and 80 mg of cortisone.

The “Beljanski” extracts, continued without stopping, and was very beneficial. I never had nausea and a good appetite. When I got out of chemo, I would go to a good restaurant to eat and that very evening I would go dancing (with my beautiful wig on). The negative points noted were as follows:

  • very important memory lapses linked to the toxic assassin cocktail.
  • syncope by heart failure, 07/27/01 (because of farmorubicin according to the diagnosis of my cardiologist).
  • The Oncologist was a firm believer in the existence of brain metastases!
  • Being called “hysterical” and “stupid” by the Oncologist when I dared to say the name “Beljanski”.
  • Being accused of using illicit products to have so few side effects! (Which seemed totally abnormal.)

Always vigilant in the event of incidents, I kept my chemotherapy surveillance notebook with me at all times. We never know…

Radiotherapy began in early August. The planned protocol, extremely heavy, was 35 sessions on the lymph nodes on the left clavicle plus 35 sessions on the left breast plus 89 sessions of rays on the initial area of the tumor.

I only accepted 20 sessions which ended on 8/20/01 because I felt that was enough and I was starting to have difficulty swallowing. I was rightfully afraid of being left under a bomb in an armored room where the walls were thick. Proof that this treatment is far from benign!

I continued the “Beljanski” extracts by increasing the dosage of Ginkgo to 8 capsules/day because of it has radioprotective properties which have even been admitted by Professor Lucien ISRAEL, a well-known oncologist.

By deciding to stop the extra rays, I would have heard everything: “These are whims, think otherwise you will die …” 

As the trend was for the prescription of Tamoxifen and Femara for 5 years, I also refused. These substances are indeed highly dangerous.

Already on 02/23/96, “France Soir” headlined “For breast cancer, the most widespread treatment is carcinogenic” and “Liberation”, the same day, wrote on the front page “breast cancer – a carcinogenic drug – the World Health Organization has classified tamoxifen, marketed in France under the names Novaldex and Tamofen, on the list of products presenting a real risk of cancer.”

In addition, RNA fragments protect against hormone dependent cancers. It is a natural anti-tumor with no negative side effects. For 18 months, I took Pao, RNA Fragments and Ginkgo.

As early as January 2003, I started having an increased hand tremor with positive and negative emotions, then whole body vibrations and Parkinson’s like tremors. I was awkward in the movements, I would fall. I had trouble seeing. While I was thinking of hot flashes, these symptoms turned out to be severe hypertensive surges (12/22) resistant to conventional antihypertensive therapy and ameliorated by high doses of central antihypertensive drugs.

I unwillingly accepted these treatments until 05/31/03, the day of a “Médiprévent” congress which took place in Paris and where I obtained explanations of the symptoms.

Madam Professor Madeleine BASTIDE, Professor at the Immunology Laboratory of the Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Montpellier, “Lipids and phospholipids are the first to be peroxidized or denatured under extreme conditions such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy among others. Our enzymatic systems do not know how to metabolize such molecules and they are deposited on the vascular walls: atheromatosis and harder arterial wall by sclerosis.” 

However, my diet during chemotherapy and radiotherapy was rich in lipids with Omega 3 and 6 food supplements in order to protect healthy cells. MISTAKE: You have to use the enzyme regulator Ginkgo for a long time with a diet low in lipids and a moderate intake of dairy products (butter, margarine, cheese). It is necessary to take, at least one year during and after the end of the traditional treatments, anti-free radicals in good dose. Then the polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 (fish flesh oil) and Omega 6 will be taken after 1 year from the end of conventional treatments.

Mr. Michel GEFFARD (Doctor of Medicine and Sciences – CNRS de Bordeaux – Specialist in multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease) explained during this congress how very reactive free radicals, such as nitrogen monoxide, binding to sulfur-containing amino acids (the worst is cysteine) deeply attacks the myelin sheaths of the nerves. However, in October 2002, my vigorously regrown hair was starting to fall out. 

So I took 3 capsules/day of Lobamine-cysteine. ERROR: never use the classics for hair (Cystine B6 / Lobamine / Cysteine / Forcapil etc). I now have a better understanding of the hypertensive and neurological abnormalities that I have had to deal with.

Throughout this ordeal, I was only afraid of one thing: dangerous oncologists, imbued with their “knowledge” and who, without consultation, order treatments that the body cannot withstand. Be vigilant because cancer treatment by chemotherapy and conventional radiotherapy is really the killer. The therapeutic escalation kills the patient but not the disease. See how long it takes to eliminate toxic waste produced by conventional cancer treatments. In order to protect yourself, it is important to use a maintenance dose of Ginkgo and RNA Fragments about 2 years after the end of standard treatments. You need to know how to protect yourself.