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Anonymous testimonial from an AIDS patient

I have been HIV positive for a long time before being diagnosed with AIDS: – Pneumocystis and frontal toxoplasmosis in November – A year and a half went by before I suffered from occipital toxoplasmosis in March. I underwent treatment from January to November, when I decided to stop it myself, my body no longer supporting the side effects of the only drug then existing to combat the terrible disease, and claimed to be “effective”. It was at the end of March, when my overall health really took a turn for the worse. My weight dropped from 165 lbs to 99 lbs, blood count totally depleted among suffering from anemia, aplasia and T4 *, oral and pharyngeal mycosis, etc.. Then I discovered Beljanski. Despite the toxicity of the chemotherapy that I am continuing, my general condition has improved considerably. I’ve gained weight (currently 137 lbs), my blood count returned to almost normal and living much more comfortably. I find it hard to understand why the effectiveness of the Pao pereira, Ginkgo biloba, Rauwolfia vomitoria and RNA fragments are not more widespread and well known.