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Allergies treated with natural Beljanski extracts

I’m 29 years old. Until I was 21, I led a normal life until edema appeared on my left foot. The occupational physician referred me to my GP to test for food allergies. The doctor gave me an injection and sent me home. A week later, I had an edema again, this time on my finger. I was then hospitalized for a day of tests. It revealed I had a ton of allergies and intolerances to foods (exotic fruits, milk, celery, chestnuts), to medicines (aspirin, anti-inflammatories, certain antibiotic), soaps etc. The doctor explained to me that it would only get worse and because I was allergic to so many different things, I was a high risk.

After I took my first treatment the allergies remained. Next I took Advil, prescribed for tendonitis. My body reacted horribly and an edema reappeared. The allergist than discovered I had a severe latex allergy. This latex allergy has serious consequences: vision problems that can go as far as causing blindness, high risk of skin cancer (the sun is totally forbidden to me, I have to wear latex-free gloves to protect my hands), and a weakened immune system.

Despite stronger treatments that make me drowsy, I trigger giant hives and am hospitalized. I am almost always sick (bronchitis, tonsillitis, continuous colds, fever, itching). I am constantly tired, I can’t get up in the morning, I am depressed, my immune system is at its lowest, and the risk of a giant urticaria threatens my life at all times. I have to walk around with the list of my allergies on me to prevent a simple medical examination with latex gloves from putting my life in danger. Every time I went to the doctor, we discovered new allergies.

It was at this time that my grandfather met a friend who told him her story and spoke to him about BELJANSKI. Shortly after, my sister contacted the Beljanski Foundation and brought me back the documentation on these extracts.

After the picnic in Saintes in September, I consulted a doctor who told me the dosage for BELJANSKI products. He prefers to gradually increase the doses to avoid allergic shock (even if not very likely). So I took 1 capsule of Pao pereira per day for 2 weeks, then I gradually go to 2, then 3 capsules per day until reaching 10 per day. I also take 2 doses of RNA fragments per week and a homeopathic treatment for the allergic area.

I noticed very quickly that my immune system recovered, the fatigue disappeared, I was no longer sick, and I was finally tolerating the sun.

Given the results, I decided to stop all other treatments. I have only been taking the Pao pereira and RNA fragments for over a year, and I am doing very well. I even eat bananas and avocados, to which I am allergic, I can indulge myself!