Patient's story with lung cancer headshot

Patient’s story with lung cancer

Beljanski Foundation, You will no doubt remember it: following the letter I sent you on November 24 about my sister suffering from lung cancer, you were extremely kind enough to call me the following Tuesday to answer me and advise me. My sister finally gave in to my persistence and accepted to use the Beljanski extracts for a week as a “test.” She was reluctant, especially after her physician told her that these products would do her “no more and no less good than physiological serum”. I ordered her a month supply of Pao pereira. She started taking this product on December 17th. Her general condition has improved to the point that she herself agrees that compared to previously “it is day and night.” To be exact, she was unable to eat. Now she has regained an excellent appetite and started to regain her strength. The difficulties she was having in even drinking has also disappeared. The almost permanent feeling of exhaustion that was so painful to her has vanished. She has resumed her normal everyday activities and is surprised at her own endurance. Her white blood cell count, which was at the lower end of the normal range, increased slightly. Her platelets, they still remain normal. I cannot tell you yet if this treatment has already had an influence on the tumor itself because it will only be assessed within a month. In the meantime, she continues the chemotherapy treatment while taking Pao pereira. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your advice and kindness and I will be sure to keep you informed about my sister’s health.

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