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Pancreatic adenocarcinoma

I was only a few years away from retirement when I began to experience a bloated sensation – the first signs of what was to appear as a “long and cruel illness.” Wanting to quickly shed light on the reasons for this inconvenience, I consulted a general practitioner. After one specialist to another, the diagnosis was given and confirmed by a biopsy: a malignant pancreatic tumor.

The tumor couldn’t be removed and appeared to be chemo and radiation resistant. To my wife’s question: “What is there to do, doctor?” the doctor answered, leaving no room for doubt: “Alas, nothing, Madam.” “How long does he have, doctor?” “Two months, three months, maybe more, maybe less…”

However, I was fortunate enough to soon meet a doctor who knew Professor Beljanski and therefore had access to the products resulting from Professor. Beljanski’s research and discoveries. The treatment had the following results: first, the tumor was blocked from further growth, and second, the treatment overcame the initial resistance of the tumor to conventional treatments and made it respond to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. A year had passed, marked by some ups and downs. However, I did not feel much pain because Professor Beljanski’s products (Pao, Rauwolfia, and Ginkgo) had this added benefit of alleviating pain caused by my condition. When I stopped radiotherapy I continued using Professor Beljanski’s supplements preventively. Gradually I reduced the dose, but continued using them. I am at the end of the twelfth year since stopping all treatment and I continue to be in good health.