ovarian cancer testimonial

Ovarian carcinoma testimonial

In January, I had a persistent stomachache which prompted me to consult a gynecologist. After performing examinations, the specialist reassured me that there was nothing alarming.

Two months later, faced with the persistent abdominal pain, I returned to see a surgeon who carried out a more complete analyzes and confirmed a diagnosis of ovarian carcinoma.  He decided to operate in early May and perform a total hysterectomy.

As I started my 1st chemotherapy at the end of May, a friend shared information about the Beljanski products. After getting information from the CIRIS Association to obtain documents on Beljanski and from “Natural Source” in the USA I wanted to be connected to a doctor who knew these products and I met him in June. On the first visit he recommended that I use Real Build, Rovol V and PAO V.

In August, the CA 125 marker was high: 329.  This was my third chemotherapy. Thanks to the synergistic use of conventional treatments of Beljanski products, there was a continual drop in this marker.

In September, it significantly decreased to 173 when there are two worrying nodules on the liver. I continued my Beljanski treatment with rigor, and from May to December I completed many chemotherapy sessions and fared relatively well.

In October, I even had to be operated on for a gallbladder stone.

In July, the CA 125 marker became very satisfactory at 39.

The following June it was 28, in December it was 13, and in February it was 11.2 which is normal. I am in complete remission. According to a hospital report: I have “no clinical signs of development”. 12 years later I am 71 years old and I feel very well, and I am happy to be able to volunteer with associations and to devote time to take care of my granddaughter. I owe this situation to the good choice that I was able to make very quickly and to the serious medical supervision of the competent doctor who followed me and whom I thank.