Mrs. Dussolliet-Berthod Testimonial:
Breast Cancer of a Dog

Breast Cancer in my little 9 year old poodle Judy In April our veterinarian advised us to treat our little poodle Judy with 1 capsule per day of Pao pereira for a high grade of malignancy breast cancer (which we did) along with chemotherapy (which we refused). She remained in great shape for the next 4 years. Unfortunately for our little Judy’s fifteenth birthday, with great pain, we decided to put her down because of severe renal failure caused by her pulmonary edema and heart weakness. Until the day before her euthanasia, she remained in good shape and cancer free, thanks to the Pao pereira capsules we gave her for seven years, which allowed her a comfortable life. According to our veterinarian, who is not the one who prescribed the treatment, she was given a six months to live at the most, as her mammary tumor was so serious. I have been telling everyone about how Pao pereira helped Judy and I thank you for all that you do. THANK YOU AGAIN. Mrs. Dussolliet-Berthod