Intestinal Cancer – Jean-Paul le P. testimonial

Intestinal Cancer – Jean-Paul le P.

The first time I came across Beljanski’s formulations dates back to 1993; not as a sick person, but as a journalist carrying out an investigation AGAINST Mirko Beljanski.

The latter had been described to me as a charlatan pretending to cure cancer and AIDS with some sort of magic powder. Empty promises evidently stemming from the worst form of charlatanism, which I had the firm intention of revealing in a few weeks of investigation among the doctors and patients involved.

My goal was of the most simple nature: find twenty or so victims of these fake medicines ready to testify against this pseudo-scientist. But, despite months of effort, I was not able to find anyone with complaints.

Finally, it took two events which, blow by blow, shook my certainty and forced me to recognize my error.

The first happened when François Mitterrand, the President of the French Republic expressed to the press his gratitude in person for the doctor who had improved his condition thanks to these famous molecules. The second affected me in a most personal way. I, myself, was stricken with cancer of the intestine. Unable to believe it, I let the tumor grow excessively which lead to an extreme diagnosis: “You have three months to live and they will be three months of hell.”

To fight…that is what I dedicated all my energy to, thanks to the Beljanski’s ingredients. Protected by Ginkgo biloba, I was able to undertake radiation therapy at extremely high dosages. In my DNA destabilized by the aggressiveness of the radiation, Pao Pereira (the same one used by François Mitterand) was able to penetrate most effectively, generating “synergy of action” — the key word in all Beljanski’s concepts. Seeing as my tumor had a certain hormono-dependent aspect, Rauwolfia vomitoria reinforced this synergy even more. Lastly, my immune defenses, decimated by chemotherapy, were able to recover thanks to Beljanski’s RNA fragments.

I’ll stick to the essential: YEARS have since passed. My fifth baby has been born. Yes, I’m alive and still doing well almost 20 years later. And it’s all thanks to whom?