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Breast Cancer – Monique de P.

I am a patient with breast cancer. I underwent a complete mastectomy, but there remained a lump in the pectoral muscle, where they could not operate because it would do too much damage. I underwent a treatment called ARIMIDEX, which was not effective. My cancer was complicated, with bone metastases. The doctor decided on a drip chemotherapy, which did not reassure me, knowing the side effects, as I am a nurse. Following the advice of a homeopath, I began taking Beljanskis extracts, in particular Rauwolfia vomitoria. My blood markers fell less and less, from 290 to 50 for the CA 15.3 and from 440 to 110 for the ACE. I am very satisfied. In 2010, I am not yet cured, but I hope to be as I continue to take Beljanskis extracts, as I have a daughter to raise. I thank The Beljanski Foundation. I am indebted for all of their hard work and what they continue to do.