cancer testimonial

Michele B. Testimonial:

My daughter has been suffering from a left frontal glioblastoma (cancerous tumor) since 2013 and had a life expectancy of 3 months according to the neurosurgeon. She only had a biopsy and was directed to an anti-cancer center. She did not want to follow the allopathic treatment. Instead she did the Breuss cure which is 42 days of fasting. The tumor had already changed when the oncologist saw the MRI so we ended up doing chemo and radiotherapy.

In 2016, to the great surprise of the neurosurgeon, my daughter was declared in remission. Now in 2020, covid hit and during an MRI they found a white spot on her tumor. That’s when I discovered Beljanski. I researched the foundation, I learned about Dr. Beljanski and I decided to have my daughter use Pao pereira, RNA fragments and Rauwolfia vomitoria.

Since October 2020, the white spot has disappeared, the MRIs are stable, and my daughter takes these three extracts regularly and she is doing well.

It is not always easy for our family, as nobody is a prophet to know she will be healthy for sure, but we are forever grateful for your work. From the bottom of my heart I am with you,