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Breast Cancer – Genevieve T.

Breast cancer was discovered in April 2005, and I had an operation in July 2005.

The carcinome had spread, was grade 3, and my lymph nodes were very swollen. I refused treatment the first time, and then I agreed to radiation sessions. I stopped after 13 sessions. My body and my mind could no longer handle it. I met a young, attentive oncologist and told him that I would do chemotherapy only if the cancer became metastatic. She called me in September 2005 when the metastases began. I did three of the six sessions. The diagnosis of the specialists were unanimous, and they estimated that I wouldnt live beyond Spring 2006.

I began to follow the Beljanski Approach in September 2005 in conjunction with the anticipated program; it worked. Since then, all is well, and I continue to take Beljanskis extracts. Very easy, very quick, a little costly but it was a choice. I sacrifice other things, but I follow the recommended treatment.

As discussed, I didnt think Id live to see Spring 2006 (my oncologist didnt think so either). I saw him that spring, I planted my garden, I lived in nature with the animals…I had a big family reunion in August 2006 and I will have another one, this year, in 2010. I live accepting things, and I give thanks. I am 78 years old, and I believe that I will not die of cancer.

Thank you Mirko Beljanski, I believe that thats what worked.