Testimonial Evidence of progressive hashimoto thyroiditis

Evidence of progressive hashimoto thyroiditis

Progressive hashimoto thyroiditis. Curing this disease is impossible.

I was suffering from a severe form of spasmophilia. I was very anxious, scared and always felt insecure. I felt like my death was imminent and felt my body was permanently frozen.

After 20 years, things had gotten so bad that I could no longer eat properly. This went on for several months which made me think I would not live much longer. It was then that my doctor advised me to take a blood test to check my thyroid gland. This exam revealed Hashimoto’s thyroiditis with anti-thyroid and anti-thyroglobulin antibodies (104,800 at 100 dilution rate).

This did not help my problems, especially since the doctor had specified that it was impossible to find an effective treatment for this autoimmune disease. Trying to balance the thyroid gland with a daily intake of thyroid extract was the only medical proposition. This haphazard treatment has to be endured for life with its complications that can affect other vital organs. It didn’t take long for these damn predictions to manifest to the point that for a period of time I couldn’t even drink a glass of water.

Distraught, I searched and found another medical solution in Germany. This proposed new treatment worked for 3 years and I was able to live more or less normally. Poorly established among other things on frequent injections of calcium salts, my veins gradually became blocked and this treatment had to be abandoned. My health deteriorated again and there was nothing I could do.

Than fate had me discover Dr. Mirko Beljanski’s book. I found an integrative doctor who knew of Dr. Beljanski’s work. I took 4 capsules of Pao pereira extract every day, 4 capsules of Ginkgo Biloba extract and 1 dose RNA fragments per week.

To my great joy, three months later, all our friends no longer recognized me. My general condition had improved considerably and my life was returning to normal. My body hair came back and the depigmentation on my skin stopped. My digestion was better and I had regained my strength. We were able to meet friends again, which was not possible before.

At over 73 years old and 19 years of hindsight, I am doing relatively well.

I live normally and fully enjoy LIFE.