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Evidence of cancerous and progressive lesion in the breast

October 1986: I am very tired. I have terrible pain in my shoulder and right arm, my hair is dull and impossible to comb, my nails are ugly, brittle, and my hands are strange, full of warts. November: I see my usual homeopathic doctor. We both think these reactions are due to my hard summer work, my age and also the osteoarthritis. December: I seem to find a small lump in one of my breasts and then, not finding it, I forget it. January 1987: I still have my problems and my arm still hurts. On Sunday February 15, I saw a dimple above the right breast. I feel and find a pea under this dimple. Immediately, I have no doubts about the need and urgency to consult a doctor. On February 17, I am in Bordeaux with the gynecologist who has been watching me for 25 years. Immediately, I sensed his concern and he decided to give me Nolvadex treatment for three months.  3 Months Later: I still have the same problems: my complexion is gray and I am getting difficult to live with. June 16: another mammogram and biopsy. I hear I have ganglia. I went through all the tests again: “There is no doubt your lesion is cancerous and progressing; we will have to intervene within two weeks ”. The intervention took place on July 2, 1987; this is minimal for the tumor but enormous under the arm where eight unaffected nodes are removed. I was to start radiotherapy on August 13, a logical consequence it seemed, after the intervention on July 2, 1987. However, in agreement with Doctor X, I decided to temporarily avoid it. I informed my gynecologist in Bordeaux who, despite my decision, agreed to continue to monitor me. December 1987: Doctor X decided to do certain checks on me by special blood tests. The antigen must be between 7 and 19, I’m at 20. In February, I’m at 22. The doctor declared metastasis. In mid-March 1988, I started taking Beljanski extracts. Four weeks later, a further analysis: The antigen is at 12. The size, still there, seems to have decreased. I am checked every 4 weeks. On June 16, 1988, I underwent all possible examinations: Mammography, x-rays of the lungs and liver… All is well, even very well. The ganglion that was causing the problems has completely disappeared. Doctor X is very happy with the result, and I am very grateful to Dr. Beljanski, The Beljanski Foundation and everyone who believed and helped me believe. I wonder if I would have taken the Beljanski extracts earlier, perhaps it would have been different afterwards: maybe no operation? No lymph node removal? We must massively support this new path of biomedicine and in particular the concepts of researcher Mirko Beljanski.