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Ernest M.

Stricken with myeloma, discovered in September, my wife underwent very heavy chemotherapy treatments for 4 years. The side effects of these treatments lead to two aplasias and resulted in her being transferred to intensive care in a coma. Her immune system was extremely weak and the doctors’ prognosis was quite bleak.

I don’t think she could have survived these tests had she not received the help of the Beljanski approach in time, ensuring the repair of various cellular anomalies and quickly re-establishing her immune system defenses.

For more than 15 years, my wife has been monitored with traditional medicine. Seasonal check-ups show a level of stabilization that surprises those in the medical field, especially for a person stricken with this type of cancer. She has had no further need for treatment.

However, she continues to benefit from Beljanski’s extracts, which I am sure have provided for this stability – the proof of their effectiveness.