Dr Hervé Janecek

Dr. Hervé J. Testimonial

Veterinarians have used Pao pereira extensively to treat feline leukemia and also AIDS in cats, 2 diseases that have affected almost 30% of the feline population in France. In the case of leukemia (feline leukemia FLTV virus), Pao pereira can be used very regularly for several months. In the case of AIDS (virus called FIV), we can counter the multiplication of the virus with Pao pereira. The difficulty may be the taking of the capsules by the cat, so they can be oiled before swallowing them. There have also been some trials with FIP (feline infectious panleukopenia due to a coronavirus), with mixed results as if the disease is advanced (this is often the case, the diagnosis being late).

Dr. Hervé J.