colorectal cancer testimonial

Colonoscopy from May was problem free

For 6 months I was in treatment for sever pain of my right crural nerve (nerve in the abdomen). I tried everything from stretching at a physiotherapist, electrotherapy to morphine patches (which made me really sick as my liver could not stand this type of drugs, even paracetamol). Then In January of that year I underwent a surgery between my 4th and 5th vertebra due to pain of the sciatic nerve. Despite this, in the nursing home, I continued to have pain in the right side of the abdomen. Exercise, swimming, electrotherapy; nothing eased the pain. In April,  I found myself in the emergency room after vomiting blood. Next morning I was informed that I had colon cancer. I underwent surgery a month later due to a tumor in my colon. I also had 25 lymph nodes removed and part of my bladder. In August, my surgeon told me that I should continue with chemotherapy. I refused given the effect that morphine previously had on my body. Later this month I saw another doctor who recommended me Mirko Beljanski’s plant extracts. A few days later I began taking Ginkgo V, Pao V and Rovol V. A month later, my cancer markers were looking good, supplemented with organic food, and fresh vegetable juice and good diet.  The next year I underwent surgery due to 2 hernias and had a colonoscopy. The surgeon was astonished that I was doing so well and there was not even a trace of the former cancer. Of course, I keep on monitoring my cancer markers from time to time. Thank you Professor Beljanski for discovering this healthy, non-chemical treatment. I am sure the world will do you justice one day!